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  1. California [SOLD] Gobi Stealth Rack for Sale

    SOLD you can shut her down! :D Thank you!
  2. California [SOLD] Gobi Stealth Rack for Sale

    Georgia is a little far lol Hopefully the wait isn't as bad for these now ha. We waited 8 months originally.
  3. California [SOLD] Gobi Stealth Rack for Sale

    bump and PM'd :D
  4. March 14-15-16 Titus Cyn, Emigrant Cyn, Goler Cyn

    Thanks for another awesome trip! :D Look forward to the next one!! Sucks about the wind but holy moly it felt good to sleep in a bed last night lol! Hopefully the next time we make it out we'll be rocking some better stuff although I think we hung in there all right :D
  5. California [SOLD] Gobi Stealth Rack for Sale

    Yeah it's rather large. It's one giant piece of steel. It will work with any bumper. It doesn't matter all the attachment points are on the body of the vehicle.
  6. California [SOLD] Gobi Stealth Rack for Sale

    We had a career change in the family which increased our commute substantially. So we sold the jeep to purchase a more economical car and bought a TJ for a weekend warrior.
  7. California Sold: [SOLD] Gobi Stealth Rack for Sale

    Hey all, We're selling our Stealth Rack used in our build. It comes with the rack and all included hardware hardware. Jeep Wrangler 4D Stealth Rack Multi Light Setup Ladder Driver Side Sunroof Insert Quick Release Hardware Wind Deflector Two Adjustable Crossbars The rack was designed for a no...
  8. Death Valley December 8th-10/11

    That's not all that much cooler than it was during the last trip right? Or am I crazy? lol
  9. Death Valley December 8th-10/11

    How cold is it going to be out there Vic? I would have to go alone unfortunately but maybe I could make it happen!

    We have ACE sliders. We used a blow torch to heat the bolts to be extra safe and no issues removing them.
  11. Mojave Rd. roll call

    Hey Vic, We're still excited to go on this trek with you!
  12. The Hella Yella Overland Build

    It would be a pretty tedious process to fully remove. You can get the quick disconnects to slide the roof rack back to remove the freedom panels and hard top but that's about it. We have the quick disconnects but it still takes a good 10 mins to loosen all the bolts and everything to slide it...
  13. Fastest time to crack front windshield?

    Mine made it one day and 250 miles lol
  14. I got bored waiting--So I got this!!!

    I love the YJs. Good find! Beautiful jeep!
  15. Looking for the best Tire Carrier for 40"

    negatron it's a gobi rack. I wouldn't mind the LOD one though but I don't think it's released :D
  16. The Hella Yella Overland Build

    Hi I don't know how I missed this! The Jeep did great at the dunes. We aired down to 10 PSI and had no issues. Never got stuck, could go up mostly everything. Some stuff just needed a little more speed than others. We towed a few people out and couldn't get stuck no matter how hard we tried...
  17. fifteen52 JL Rubicon @BeardedWrangler

    Can you post some pictures of the goose gear? We had one in our JK and really liked it. Curious how it looks for the JL and your thoughts on it.
  18. Looking for the best Tire Carrier for 40"

    LOD always tends to make quality but I haven't heard much on their JL tire carrier.