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  1. LHD Ranger Raptor testing in US Looks like even more options for a serious midsize pickup here in the states.
  2. Dominion OffRoad Products Thread

    Curious what your grab handles will be, replacement to OEM i assume but what's planned?
  3. Vector Offroad 2018 JLU Bright White Build

    Yikes :giggle: makes the stock wheels look positively tiny
  4. Artec Industries Has Received our JLUR

    Congrats! how are you vendors getting them so quickly?? anyhow look forward to seeing what you guys have planned.
  5. This guy has a JL and is answering questions

    His instagram post before this was the keyfob and he says it there. Calls it a "loaner car" :headbang:
  6. This guy has a JL and is answering questions

    He says it's a "loaner" so I doubt he'll be doing anything but taking pics and demoing a few things.
  7. JL Wrangler Build and Price Configurator now available on!

    Absolutely and I think many (not just on here) will agree. You can easily swap out fenders and tops on a JK or JL but we're paying for all the engineering and development that goes into a new redesign. Engines/trans/interior that give us more power, mpg, better driving mechanics, comfort...
  8. JL Wrangler Build and Price Configurator now available on!

    If you're going to talk "upgrades" a stock JL vs stock JK is no comparison. It's not just check boxes, how about everything that comes built in. What value do you attribute to better ride quality, transmissions, interior, engine, lighter top and on and on. Not sure why no one focuses on these...
  9. First EVER Off-Road JL Video!

    Good video but long thread about it already
  10. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Price MSRP, 2.0L Turbo MPG, Colors Previews Shown in JL Internal Info Sheet

    Phew that pricing is a relief and more like the increase Jay's been saying. :whew: Also looks like more confirmation the Nacho name got changed to Hella Yella sometime after August. Been waiting to see Punk'n and Sting-Gray and there you go, those 2 may be on top of my list now.
  11. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sahara JLU MSRP price shown on window sticker

    It's clearly not a faked sticker since it's on the Chrysler site but shouldn't it list prices for the optional equipment? Like this one
  12. What JL/JLU Wrangler Have You Ordered? Post and Vote Your Configuration Here!

    Can't believe theres almost 100 orders and pricing, packaging and specs not yet released. Once that's out I'll be enduring the long wait with y'all
  13. So what JL Wrangler aftermarket parts & products do you want to see first?

    I'd like to see some options out there for the fenders/LED strip which I'm sure will be a popular mod. I personally don't have a big issue with it but would like to see different options if I want to change up the stock fenders.
  14. JL Wrangler interior photos!

    Very nice, what a huge upgrade for the interior. This also confirms air vents for the rear passengers.
  15. 2018 Wrangler JL Waiting Room!

    Waiting for soft top and pricing and then I'm in! This wait is killing me and seeing all the orders on this forum is not helping :headbang: :punch:
  16. Rock Hard 4x4's First JL is on Order!

    Congrats! How many R&D JL's are you planning? I'll happily take it off your hands once you're done with your research :cwl: