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  1. ABS and other dash lights after Dynatrac axle swap

    Interesting...I just had the Dnatrac XD60 installed in the rear of my JLU Sport S. I'm sure the electronics are more complicated on the 392, but so far I haven't had any issues. I need to flash the computer still (regeared), but no issues. I'm very impressed with how beefy it is!! When I had the...
  2. Advice on Horn Upgrade

    Thanks! I think well Just splice and be done with it! I was hoping to find a better after market horn with the connections but none are around. It’s all disassembled now so we want to wrap it up.😁
  3. Advice on Horn Upgrade

    Thank you! Good idea! The top 2 are the plugs that are on the jeep from the factory. The third photo is the replacement horn-has just 2 cords/leads. I guess we can just cut and splice? Wasn’t sure if there were other replacement horns that came with the connection plug?
  4. Advice on Horn Upgrade

    Did you ever finish an install? Weee trying to replace mine now and the replacement isn’t plug and play. I hate to cut off the the oem plug, but can’t find info on other options.
  5. Horn location?

    We’re replacing my horns now! Can’t figure out how to completely disconnect the oem horn? The red button isn’t enough to fully remove it. We’ll likely cut the wire and then splice in the new one.
  6. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread...

    Available for sale- Rear axle- Dana 44, Yukon chromoly axle shaft, Yukon 4.88 gears and ARB air locker. Gilbert AZ.
  7. Momma’s new ride! JLU Sport makeover

    Thank you!! I have definitely been loving my JLU and this wonderful Jeep life!💙
  8. Momma’s new ride! JLU Sport makeover

    I recently added the Bestop Sunrider for hardtop and it’s been amazing! My ADAMS driveshafts (painted to match) are visible in that photos above.😊
  9. Momma’s new ride! JLU Sport makeover

    That’s my Dynatrac ProRock 44 front axle putting in some work! It’s paired with RCVs, arb air locker and Yukon gears! 😍
  10. Momma’s new ride! JLU Sport makeover

    I added the Teraflex Suspension RT4 Alpine IR long arm suspension-and LOVE it!! The Falcon SP2, 3.5 aDapt wad just reservoir shocks are amazing too!
  11. Momma’s new ride! JLU Sport makeover

    Well, it’s been a minute!! I’ve been over on IG and YouTube (@aquajeepgirl and Aqua Jeepgirl if you’re interested). I will post some updated photos and details on my build! I’m running 37” Mickey Thompson Baja boss AT on Raceline Avenger beadlocks (that I painted to match my Jeep)
  12. Cell phone mount recommendations

    I LOVE my OffRoam phone mount! It attaches to your vent and stays put despite lots of off-road bumps!! I have definitely tested this one!😍 You should check it out!
  13. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    This. I’ve got 4.88’s, manual sport and on 37’s I’d like to regear again! 5.13 or 5.38’s next time!

    Also interested in resolution? Mine just said “power steering failure “ and won’t start.
  15. ESS Broken After Regearing

    Thanks for the update! I vaguely recall Something about disconnecting the battery fully and then driving for 15 minutes at a speed (60?) to reset it. It’s been 2 years now. Glad it’s working well for you!!
  16. Arizona Mopar lift kit-SOLD

    So Sorry! it’s already sold. I’m not sure about a diesel I know they make some lift kits specifically for it. I got a long arm suspension for my Jeep.
  17. Billet Sport S- Rubi Axle/T-Case Swap

    Wow! That’s great! Thank you!! Atlas doesn’t have those out yet, maybe he was a tester? I’ve been holding out for them but they’re delayed again.:(
  18. Transfer case anyone do a DIY swap?

    Why have you done it 3 times? Did it not work out? I’m searching for a t-case and don’t want to be stuck with the $1000 core charge if they won’t take my sport tcase. Where did you get yours from? And how did you handle the core charge?