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  1. Picked up my 2023 JLUR!

    First of 27 Jeeps, new in 1965, CJ-5 Tuxedo Park option! See the color!!! Air down and you'll be good, be careful is all! Go Jeep!!!
  2. The dealer service experience - A simple battery replacement case

    I have a top line Mopar extended warranty! I do not believe batteries are covered?? Maybe the labor of taking half the Jeep apart to do a aux battery is??? Never had the problems I hear with my dealer. My first oil change when JLU's oil was changed was overfill of course I fixed that myself by...
  3. Haven't seen this before

    Yup the stickers help with the FJ's fine rear visibility! 2dr Bronco looks pretty good, 4dr is not so hot! Go Jeep!!!
  4. The dealer service experience - A simple battery replacement case

    "Easiest way to replace aux battery" remove fender??? What idiot thoughtbabout this battery setup!!! My 2015 Cherokee Trailhawk has ESS and it has one large battery and works better than my JLU??? Main and only battery goes bad and ya change the battery like they've been changed forever! Go...
  5. New Rubicon is here! Help with Tire/Lift Upgrade

    Wildpeak AT3W’s great on road, off road and snow, loved them 'cept...tread on stock size gone at 33K??? Worn perfect, but 32K??? Go Jeep!!!
  6. Sarge Green Sneakers

    You gonna be a Jeep Guy or not?? Buy em! Your first Mod, "anti spin" soles I hop? Go Jeep!!!
  7. A/C performance with sky one-touch

    2018 JLU, Bestop Sunrider AC works great with top closed ! Like top open better! With AC on people think I'm warming up a P51 Mustang, LOL not really funny! Has that noise changed in new models??? Love it no matter! Go Jeep!!!
  8. VIN number location on jl wrangler

    Hmmm... my 2018 JLU it's on the sticker on drivers door jam with all the other info date of MFG etc.?? Surprising to me I thought always had to be visible to law enforcement on dash at front drivers side windshield? My Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk is on front dashboard visible thru windshield, like...
  9. Off road questions

    AHHH, remember the good ole days, simple even going same difficult trails!!! Go Jeep!!!
  10. Electronic Stability Control

    See if Jeep Care on this site can help? I do believe if you've had this in for same repairs not cured it still should be fixed under warranty. That however might be a tough case! Someone above is right that it seems enough repairs for a lemon law if your state has that? Not sure what lemon law...
  11. I feel like full time 4WD gives me more oomph compared to when I switch it to 2WD.

    4 auto can be used on dry pavement as well as rain and snow it's made for that! Some folks in snowy areas leave it in 4 auto all winter, uses a bit more fuel but a bit safer maybe. I am not sure you are getting more "take off" power, maybe in slippery conditions ? Go Jeep!!!
  12. drain in rubber floor mats?

    I've had mine in since 2018 and they are watertight! Long as bottom of plug is seat around the floor pan under the carpet they shouldn't leak. Lotsa tries to get it right then check under Jeep to see that they have seated. Go Jeep!!!
  13. Reddit video of Hurricane twin turbo I6

    Looks like a real "do it yourselfer " to me!!!! Spose it has two batteries or maybe four this time and you'll only hafta take the whole front end off to change the 3rd battery??? Go Jeep!!!
  14. Willys custom order - Help me decide package options

    Get LED light pkg. Cold weather for where you live NOW ! WE HAVE SELECT TRAC ITS GOOD, HOWEVER LIVE IN SNOW COUNTRY, USED IT TWICE TO SEE IF IT WORKED AND TWICE IN SNOW since 2019??? limited slip great! Go Jeep!!!
  15. JLU pick up date delayed, will they sell to others

    I believe after a certain time they are paying interest to THEIR financing company on "your" order1 As someone above said, after your wait for your custom order I'd find a way to get it ASAP! What's the dealers name by the way!! LOL Go Jeep!!!
  16. Painted Factory Wheels?

    Wow, love painted wheels, especially black??!! They all look just like the wheels I used to but on my vehicles in the 50's/60's in the winter with snows so my chrome .aluminum wheels wouldn't get all beat up!! To each their own I guess! Shows I guess I'm just an old coot !!!! LOL Go Jeep!!!
  17. drain in rubber floor mats?

    Floor Mats installed improperly! Go Jeep!!!
  18. Is there a way to turn off rear defroster on remote start?

    Sorry, but welcome to the disconnected rear defrost wire club!! It's a big and most have had many failed fixes...different thread!!! Good Luck! Go Jeep!!!!