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  1. Rubicon Poll - Have you had problems with your locker sensors

    You can buy parts now is my understanding (in Brad's case, they're replacing the sensor, not the assembly -- but 6-8 weeks to get it). I'm curious if those who have potted their sensor have been able to avoid the issue from reoccurring. But yeah, same experience in my '19 JLUR.
  2. Rockslide Engineering Steps Gen 3

    Lol no fun was had on my part; my buddy did the install.
  3. Rockslide Engineering Steps Gen 3

    Both of mine have the extra armor casing btw.
  4. Rockslide Engineering Steps Gen 3

    They have a standalone harness now, but my buddy did the install so can't comment there. What I will say -- these steps are wonderful. But if you're wheeling hard all the time, I'd probably still go with a frame mounted weld on slider. I don't wheel all that often anymore, so the steps are...
  5. Start Stop battery out again

    $1300? What? Delete the aux battery and just get a stout main battery and save $1000...
  6. Regear quote, kind of high?

    $2900 looks competitive here in PHX market. Some are higher, some lower. I'd as suggested, get some more quotes to be safe. That said if the shop is reputable and comes highly recommended, it's probably worth spending a bit extra for something like a gear installation. You really want to...
  7. Metalcloak 3.5" and 40's and garage height!

    My Gladiator on 5 1/2" of lift on 40's (KR3's) fits in my 7 foot garage with about 2" to spare. I usually run 37's for daily though (we throw on 40's and an extra puck for wheeling trips). But it did fit before I went to Moab last time.
  8. 2.0 turbo no longer a reduced price?

    Entirely. I was all for it -- figured for $99 I'd take the risk (that's what it was at the time I ordered my 392 XR). It lasted 400 miles, lol. Then there's the whole warranty fiasco, but basically, I assume FCA decided it was cheaper to get sued than replace windshields.
  9. 2.0 turbo no longer a reduced price?

    they should have never released it in the first place
  10. We're number one! For highest markups?

    Yeah it's crap. There aren't many dealers in my area asking anywhere near that over.
  11. Shift flare on upshift from 7-8…anyone else?

    Nope, mine does not do this on 37's/456.
  12. 392 not burning oil, its leaking....

    At least you got a loaner! So that’s good. Gladiator doesn’t get as good fuel economy but it’s not a big difference. My 392 gets 9-11 city depending on how hard I’m beating on it — I’m running 37’s on the XR. I wouldn’t trust the dash tho— but if you did maybe not until a couple tanks. My...
  13. 392 not burning oil, its leaking....

    Yeah, that's crap. Mine did get fixed. Part took about 3 weeks to get in, and then it was done in about an hour. Also, my battery lasted 4 months lol -- it died on them sitting at their service lot so they replaced it.
  14. Help! Snapped my axle on my 2022 JLUR Xtreme Recon and I need advice!

    Man that sucks, but yeah... absolutely not warranty :( To be honest, if what you hit was hard enough to break a front 44, it may have broken a 60 as well. Regarding the red flag thing -- I'd imagine if they have a Chrysler rep come in to the dealership and explain what happened (and they saw...
  15. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Haha -- likely pesimistic you.
  16. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    2 door sport S with led lights and premium top, white v6 auto — 6/15 no update still in D lol
  17. 392 not burning oil, its leaking....

    Take it to a different dealership assuming the oil filter housing is wet.
  18. No more XR package?

    We're all just guessing on how well they're selling unless there's data. No doubt I've seen many more lately. Good to see competition. I hope the data backs up the story.
  19. No more XR package?

    There's been a ton lately in my area -- starting seeing more about a month 1/2 ago. But yeah, I know they have had a lot of problems. I can't say I'm surprised.