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  1. Camp Kitchens & Storage

    In my experience, having a fridge and boxes, I think that you will find that these things eat up a bunch of space. If you are looking to maintain some storage space in the cargo area, I would consider tailgate table and run boxes until the kids are gone and your vehicle becomes more of a full...
  2. Camp Kitchens & Storage
  3. Overlanding Expo West

    I have attended OEX West for the last 5-6 years. If you are attending as a "Overland Experience" attendee, there are classes that you sign up for, some good information and training is available. The show really exploded last year, 450 vendors, and about 30k attendees. I suggest having a plan...
  4. Official Denver Area Group

  5. Overlanding Trip Prep

    Check out Element fire extinguishers, they are stable and never expire. The large one runs for 110 or so seconds compared to the less than 20 for a normal fire extinguisher. I have one, they are the size of a road flare.
  6. Overlanding Trip Prep

    Another thing is tire repair kit.... Don't forget a couple emergency valve stems. Are you starting to see my though process, I would need a full size HD truck to carry all this madness.
  7. Overlanding Trip Prep

    When we are talking about maintenance/prep, what kind of tools/supplies are you going to take on your adventure? Also first aid kit? The cheap ones are mostly bandaids...
  8. Ground tent vs RTT

    You could find an old military trailer and put a RTT on it, this one is a 46-51 M100 that I found on Craigslist for $700 in 2014.
  9. Overlanding Trip Prep

    I actually really enjoy the planning and research for stuff. I like to know as much information as possible, I really don't like to be surprised by stuff that I can control. How does it tow with a two door?
  10. Official Denver Area Group

    Welcome! You are sure coming to the state where you can use it quite a bit. I cannot speak about dealers in the Denver Metro area, I live about 90 miles south of there.
  11. Overlanding Trip Prep

    Here is a better Pic of it
  12. Overlanding Trip Prep

    Considering the Extreme Off Road 5x9, but I have a 5x10 "Off Road" Cargo trailer. Its insulated etc, just bare bones at the moment.
  13. Overlanding Trip Prep

    Although they drive a Toyota 4Runner, some good stuff here. Expedition Overland:
  14. Overlanding Trip Prep
  15. Overlanding Trip Prep

    What Hiker do you have?
  16. Overlanding Trip Prep

    Although I have never been through Canada, visited once a long time ago, I had a buddy ride his BMW R1200GSA up there trying to get to Prudo Bay last year. Prepare yourself now, stuff is expensive up there. Think ahead, extra fuel, and water, food etc. Nothing new here, there is a wealth of...
  17. Android Auto "Wireless"

    I have some, there are some good aspects to them, and some bad. The good is that all you really need to do is get close and you are good. The bad is that some phone cases might not work...
  18. Let's talk coffee, what is your set up?

    hehehehe, you said "Perk" no puns intended! I once drank an entire bottle of "cold brew" @ 0430 I was frantically searching the internet to see if I had something wrong...... That stuff is rocket fuel!
  19. Interior storage options