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  1. Start Stop battery out again

    3.6's dont seem to be having this issue. 2.0 is the culprit I believe.
  2. What is an unpopular opinion you have in the Jeep community?

    Thx! Nope, all east coast tracks. Daytona was pretty nuts…
  3. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Our XR was ordered 7/2. Production began 8/14 on it. Arrived at dealer 9/8.
  4. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Had to be on the same truck for sure. We wont be able to go pick it up for a couple of weeks though. If youre there picking yours up feel free to send some pics of our Firecracker Red if you see it.
  5. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    First one was 9/29, then it moved to 9/15, then 9/12, and finally delivered on 9/8.
  6. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Email today (9/8) from Koons saying our Rubicon is in. Ordered 7/2 UR XR 3.6, Firecracker, painted hard top, leather, LED, headliners, tow package, cold weather, blind spot package, full time 4wd.
  7. A Little About Lasfit® and Our Products For Your Jeep

    I dont actually but I don't normally read the signatures due to exactly that. My mind tunes that out now. When reading a post promoting a website I'm not normally looking for fine print in signatures, more so an obvious intentional link in the comment itself. The link isnt in the body of the...
  8. A Little About Lasfit® and Our Products For Your Jeep

    Lol a tiny one in the signature will go unnoticed. Actually it did.
  9. Jeep Died One Mile Out on Beach - Need Advice

    Def not wrong. Sure he can hotwire his fusebox or pull fuses but it wont chnge the fact that his batteries are about done. My comment was only pertaining to battery life, not the hack around them.
  10. Another Easter egg!

    People are reading an awful lot into these things lol.
  11. Jeep Died One Mile Out on Beach - Need Advice

    How has the 48v been holding up over time? This has an 8 yr warranty if I’m not mistaken.
  12. Jeep Died One Mile Out on Beach - Need Advice

    So the etorque 3.6 set ups havent had this issue for the most part?
  13. Jeep Died One Mile Out on Beach - Need Advice

    You are on overtime. I would change them both out soon.
  14. Questions about issues after main battery replacement?

    Always do both batteries, not just one. Seems to be the golden ticket.
  15. Blown transmission at 500 miles

    You cant return it. It’s not a lemon yet. There is a warranty and it will be replaced. These things do happen and that’s why you have a warranty.
  16. The dealer service experience - A simple battery replacement case

    THIS. Yes the dealer and Stellantis failed here but three yrs like that? If I had the information about doing both batteries at once and the dealer refused to replace both, I would just have done it myself and paid out of pocket for a new main battery. They are not a million bucks and in the end...
  17. Has anyone posted this underhood Easter egg before?

    Im not so sure that’s an actual easter egg as much as just a style theme. Easter eggs are much more deliberate. Usually an actual logo or image of some sort.