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  1. My JLUR semi naked

    Took some pics of it and have been enjoying having the tube doors on and topless before summer ends. I just drove off the road to snap some pics real quick
  2. Start/stop unavailable and light came on

    The other day my ESS warning light came on and check engine light. Check engine later went away but ESS light is still on. My JLUR is 4.5 years old 58k miles and I've only replaced the main battery. Is it safe to say the aux battery needs to be replaced now? And ESS stopped working because the...
  3. My JLUR is leaking oil

    I've been riding my bike to work and drive my 18 JLUR on the weekends. I drove the jeep on a short errand and then I noticed it was leaking oil all of a sudden because oil was underneath it on the floor I have the lifetime maxcare warranty so I'm hoping it's covered 🙏 I had a apt at the dealer...
  4. Mountain bikes

    I'm thinking of getting a mountain bike now, I don't know much about them, I'd like to use for exercise, there's alot of trails by my house too, and also maybe as a Hobby. What brands/models do you recommend? I think I'd like to spend under $1000 but have no idea what that would get me. Also...
  5. Jeep meet in Corona march 5th at 4pm

    I saw this on FB and thought I'd share, the flyer kinda sucks lol but I've gone to bike nights hosted in this location and I always have a good time, the restaurant has good food and beer Dorry's Bar & Grill at Tom’s Farms Address: 23800 Temescal Canyon Rd, Temescal Valley, CA 92883
  6. Should i refinance?

    Should I refinance ( modify ) my auto loan? I have 29 months left at 3.28% and I'm pretty sure I will qualify for 1.30% at the same 29 months which will lower my payment to about $23 less a month. Is it worth it at this point? There's a $150 fee too.
  7. Anyone have the Stellantis Miles app?

    I just downloaded and signed up for it, im trying to figure it out Does anyone use it?
  8. California Sold: Mopar lift crate

    I know these are desirable because people use them as tables, furniture, storage boxes and it's cool because it has jeep logos all over it Asking $80 I'm located in lake elsinore in socal
  9. California Sold: SOLD Weather tech floor mats front and rear

    Lightly Used weather tech floor mats front and rear, I paid $198 and I want $115 for them I'm located in lake elsinore in socal Sold
  10. California JLUR suspension , tow hooks and rock rails

    The JLUR suspension was used for 3.5 years old 51k miles, worked perfectly when taken off and off roaded a few times nothing crazy. $75 Front and rear Tow hooks used for 1 year 20k miles $30 Rock rails used for 1.5 years 25k miles $80 I'm located in lake elsinore (socal)
  11. My dilemma im having with the service dept installing my mopar lift

    A month ago I called a jeep dealer and made the soonest apt they could to install my 2 inch mopar lift that I bought else where. They said and agreed that it will be no more than $620 OTD for the labor, So the dealer an hour+ away from me, I get there 20 mins (8:10am) before my apt time and it...
  12. Screen started to separate after taking to dealer

    A few months ago I took my JLUR to the dealer to fix the rear defroster that failed 3 times already. After picking up my jeep I just noticed the screen started to unlaminate? In the top left corner. Is it possible that the dealer could have damaged it? I could have swore it wasn't there before...
  13. What cables for the snow?

    Since Jeep says not to use chains I'm assuming we could use cables for snow driving? What cables should I go with? I just want to have them because sometimes CHP requires you to carry them with you when driving through the snow. My tire size is 315/70/17 MT's
  14. Which dealer in socal to have a mopar lift installed?

    I bought the mopar lift online for my 18 JLUR and want to have the dealer install it to retain my mopar lifetime warranty. What dealers installed your lift and how much did you pay? I'll be calling my local dealers around me and updating this thread to help anyone else with the same...
  15. Does anyone elses infotainment screen look like this?

    Does anyone else's screen looks like this? My 18 JLUR will be 4 years old in April and I currently have 51k miles on it. I noticed it after taking my jeep to the dealer, they ordered me a new one and im hoping my mopar lifetime warranty covers it. I should buy the mopar screen protector this time.
  16. What wheel locks you using?

    My Jeep never had wheel locks so now I'm looking for some especially with the bigger tires I have on now. What wheel locks are you using? Price and where can I get them at? Thanks
  17. Which Mopar 2" lift kit part #?

    This is confusing, I was trying to look into getting a mopar 2" lift kit for cyber monday, but theres so many different part #s I have a 2018 JLUR 3.6L? Which part number is the one for my jeep? And does anyone know of any good deals for one? Thanks
  18. Black Friday/cyber Monday what are you buying for your JL?

    Just curious to know what others are planning on buying, if I see something I like I might buy it. What I really want to do is buy the mopar lift kit and have it installed by the dealer but I doubt they'll have Black Friday deals on that. Or maybe buy the mopar kit myself and just pay for...
  19. Lake elsinore Jeep dealers sucks

    The norco jeep dealer sucks too, im still on the waiting list for a courtesy vehicle and it's been months after the service manager assured me he wouldn't forget about me anyways I dropped off my jeep last last Wednesday right when the service dept opened, I made a appointment at the lake...
  20. Recommend some tube doors for me

    Summer is around the corner and it's already time to go topless/doorless here in sunny southern California. What are some good tube doors that aren't going to break the bank? I'm just looking for something that looks nice, adds protection and fits good. It's also going to my bday present lol...