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  1. Daystar Leveling kit review

    awesome, thanks for the response... I’m back and forth on the LCAs because I thought they were included in the MOPAR 2.5” lift and, if the rubi’s are already 1-1.5” over a ‘stock’ Sport/Sport S/Sahara and I add a 0.75” spacer, I would be approaching that height and throwing the geometry out...
  2. Daystar Leveling kit review

    Hey Bryce, couple questions: - did you also do the longer Mopar LCAs? - which order did you install the spacers (isolator on top or spacer on top -saw some varying posts) - which engine do you have? - was your JLUR configured for a hard top from the factory? I have a JLUR, 2.0T, Soft Top only...
  3. Installation of the Kicker HS8 Hideaway Subwoofer

    Thanks for the write up!! I followed your steps and it made the install a breeze, and the sound, wow what a difference. For other folks looking to do this, I was able to get the HS8 under the passenger seat. My buddy heard mine and wants to do the same. He has the factory AUX switches (see...
  4. Question on Rubicon Recon decals

    Anyone find part numbers for the recon fender decals with red stripe? Can’t locate on MOPAR part sites. I did see one set on eBay but the part number is actually all letters (see pic) and when I tried searching those nothing came up. Thanks!