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  1. End of the EcoDiesel V6 for the Ram. What about the Wrangler EcoDiesel?

    Stellantis announced today they would stop selling the 3.0 Ecodiesel on the Ram by Jan 2023. Not a word about the Wrangler.,seen%20in%20a%20Ram%20truck
  2. Start/Stop opinion?

    I have the non-eTorque 2L engine on a 2021 JLU - when the ESS is active, it’s hardly noticeable. But for whatever reason I did not try to investigate, the ESS is almost never in a »ready » state - After I drive a few hundreds miles on the freeway, ESS will be active for a few days, but I assume...
  3. Sport S vs Sahara

    Two other things to consider - you could order them with a limited slip differential - it’s another reference for the rear axle. And if you really want to go wheeling off road, the painted fenders will get scratched and the plastic side steps of the Sahara will be gone in the first 30 minutes.
  4. Florida JL Rubicon Wheels and MT Tires

    Good morning. Are the tires still available?
  5. North Carolina Rubicon tires and wheels- New

    Good morning. Are the tires still available?
  6. iphone/tablet off road map/navigation app recommendation.

    Absolutely true. It happened to me too. Prepare the trip in advance. Identify the waypoints, identify on Google or Apple Maps how to get to the head of the trail, and download all the maps you think you’ll need.
  7. iphone/tablet off road map/navigation app recommendation.

    I use onX Offroad. One thing to pay attention is that if you use it with a tablet, the tablet needs to have a GPS chip for the software to be of any use. And (at least with Apple), the GPS chip only comes with the WiFi+Cellular models - no 3G, no GPS.
  8. New book about JL/JT (off-road) performance modifications

    Browsing the Amazon Kindle catalog, I found a new book (published Dec 2021) from Don Alexander and Quinn Thomas - Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT Performance Modifications. They had already published a similar book about the JK a few years ago. But this is a completely new book, totally...
  9. Sky one touch toof

    The HUGE advantage (over the soft top) is that you can drive and open the top at any time, at the push of button, without having to check the weather before you leave, or having to consider in advance whether you're going to stop in a safe/not so safe area. If there is a sudden downpour, or if...
  10. Painted cup holder trim and door handle cup cover

    I did not remove the original trim. I bought those trim pieces which are an overlay that you tape over the original trim.
  11. To remove wrangler decal or to leave it?

    I like the look of your Zeitgest - 2 questions if I may : 1 / how did you get the bumper covers and the fender flares to look that black? Paint? Wax? 2 / I also like the look of the LEDs headlights - what make / model are they? Thank you (I have a white JLUSs that looks a bit dull at the moment).
  12. Sky Touch roof......

    For the Unlimited Sport S and the Willys, there is an AGS option (Sun and Sound) that bundles the One Touch top with the Alpine sound system and the 8.4in Uconnect screen. $4,190. Much more palatable financially. That’s how we bought ours. No regret. This roof is extremely convenient . My wife...
  13. Georgia Rubicon wheels and tires $800

    Re TPMS: the other way to know is to check the invoice of the tire shop who mounted the new wheels and new tires: if there is no mention of 5 Tpms sensors (at a cost of approx $170), then they simply reused the ones in the OEM wheels.
  14. Georgia Rubicon wheels and tires $800

    If you did not remove them (and uou had no idiot light on the dashboard) I will assume they’re still here…
  15. Georgia Rubicon wheels and tires $800

    What about the TPMS?
  16. 1000 miles of a newbie with a new JLUSS

    I just read my original post again. The odo is showing 2200 miles now. I drove it off road (on trails of the US Forest Service in the North Georgia Mountain), and I received the Uconnect update that fixed the issues I had mentioned. The Alpine stereo is great for what I’m listening (podcasts...
  17. Painted cup holder trim and door handle cup cover

    Last week it was raining (again), and I tried to put a touch of fantasy in the dark interior of my JLU Sport S - I was not brave enough to paint the dash panel (too difficult to do it right for somebody of my limited talents), so I opted to install white cup holder trim and white door handle...
  18. Unsure of where to start negotiating with my dealer

    Tread Lightly: You join online and that’s the date that counts. And if you ordered the Jeep mid June, you still have time. ( even if your dealer receives the car mid July, find an excuse to pick it up after you’re qualified for the Tread Lightly discount. In my experience all those affiliates...