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  1. Show me where you mounted your Auxbeam fuse box module

    I’m having a helluva time finding a place to make it work under the hood. I have the Auxbeam 8 gang. I’ve seen people mount them under the hood on the passenger side and against the firewall. The firewall option looked good, but was done on a JL minus theengine shroud. If you’ve done this mod...
  2. ADK Camping

    Just wondering if anybody in the NY area knows of any good spots for some dispersed camping in the ADK? I’ll be based out of the Lake George area for a while, but any and all suggestions are welcome. Online researching turns up a few blips, but nothing substantial. If anyone has any good input...
  3. New York Sold: (NY, LI Area) WTB Unpainted Rubi Fenders

    I’m on Long Island and looking to buy some textured black Rubi take-off fenders. I know there’s someone out there that’s upgraded and wants to get rid of their old ones. Will meet in the NY/LI area to pick up.