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  1. Bumper skid plate

    Following this thread.. For lifted Jeeps the naked front underbelly look is unavoidable. The skids that come with bumper usually cover the winch and the sway bar at best..
  2. Front LCAs with the most inward bend for tire clearance?

    Perfect comparison. I can see why metalcloak will clear 35s better. Not only if the bend more pronounced.. looks like It's also bent further forward in anticipated accommodation of 35s and 37s
  3. Front LCAs with the most inward bend for tire clearance?

    Does that look like the most pronounced inward bend you have seen? I love metalcloak..i have their maintenance free trackbars
  4. Front LCAs with the most inward bend for tire clearance?

    On another thread there was a comparison photo of JKS LCA.. The bend was massive compared to stock. The JKS jflex are always out of stock :(
  5. Front LCAs with the most inward bend for tire clearance?

    Based on you experience, one washer doesn't do anything tangible and needs a minimum of 2 washers?
  6. Front LCAs with the most inward bend for tire clearance?

    This might be an odd thread on this section, but my quest is awfully specific. My rig is a JLU Sahara, with about 2" of coil spring lift and fox shocks. I am using the Mopar lift longer LCAs and have centred the axles using adjustable track bars front and rear. After waiting months for a narrow...
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    35s are in. 315/70/17 BFG KO2 - Load range C Tailgate reinforcement and relocation bracket. (Lantsun - a.l.a. mopar)
  8. Gray Wolf 🐺 | 2020 JLU Sahara - Overlanding Build

    Installed tailgate reinforcement bracket and spare tire relocation bracket. I got the Lantsun one from Amazon that basically the same thing as the Mopar one. Was able to clear 315/70/17 comfortably. Observations on the first week. At full lock, the edge of the sidewall (those sidewall lugs) is...
  9. Exact Center

    Fox ATS or Falcon ATS stabilizer should firm up the steering feel. Nevertheless, solid axles front drives differently and there is always some inevitable mild pull based on how the tarmac was sloped. If you are tracking straight with only one finger on the steering, and there is no dead play on...
  10. Best configuration for basic comforts

    For that money plus some stretch cash - 4 door Willys + Cold weather package (or the bigger 8"screen if you are not above 48th parallel) That should get you standard LED lights, rear D44 with limited slip diff, awesome rims, Rubicon shocks and breaks.
  11. Gray Wolf 🐺 | 2020 JLU Sahara - Overlanding Build

    It's not a true 35 in size (34.4) but seems to be filling the wheel well space much better than the 33s.
  12. Gray Wolf 🐺 | 2020 JLU Sahara - Overlanding Build

    After 4 months waiting and still no guaranteed ETA in sight for the 35x11.5r17 Toyos and Nittos I am finally giving up on it.. *don't know why Canadians get short end of the stick... I see those tires in stock at discount tire across the border in Bellingham but can't find them anywhere locally...
  13. Getting started with air actuated lockers / swaybar disconnects

    Highly recommend Lasfit AUX panel. The lockers are CANBus tied and operate in the same way as rubicon lockers with safety of not allowing accidental turn on when not in 4LO Jeep Wrangler JL 2018-2022 Auxiliary Switch Panel Bank Kit (
  14. Epic fail! Didnt get AUX tow group - solutions?

    You can't do much about the alternator upgrade now.. wait until the engine warranty runs out to upgrade to the 240amps. The AUX switch is an easy fix - buy either the mopar one OR aftermarket one from Lasfit and install it yourself.
  15. Too Funny... Jeep driver waves at our Bronco

    I don't discriminate :) I wave to all wranglers and gladiators.. and I wave to Broncos when I see them on the trails or forest service roads (not on the highway :D )
  16. End of the EcoDiesel V6 for the Ram. What about the Wrangler EcoDiesel?

    @JeepCares - Just expedite the Hurricane V6 turbo to 2023 MY and be done.. If fuel efficiency is paramount, peeps will go buy a Jeep Recon. Peace ✌
  17. Custom lift: What parts do you recommend?

    I got about 3 to 3.25 inches of lift (mostly 3.25 everywhere but the right-front ..esp when full tank and passenger seated) I am still on 33s, so articulation hasn't been a problem. I am on the waitlist for Open Country AT3 35x11.5. If I see rubbing issues in front after 35s, I might just...
  18. Custom lift: What parts do you recommend?

    Clayton Off-Road 1.5" Coils Teraflex 0.5" spring coil spacers x4 Fox 2.0 IFP 2-3" Shocks Teraflex jounce bump stops MetalCloak front and rear adjustable trackbar Apex Designs Autolynx Swaybars Installed in Canada by West Coast Off-Roaders, North Vancouver - BC I am not yet on 35s, but there is...
  19. Mopar 2 inch lift vs. AEV 2.5

    If you folks are still considering other lifts, please do consider these two for stellar ride quality. Synergy 2" starter lift + Fox 2.0 Shocks Pros: - Very comfortable/plush ride - like stock Sahara Cons: - Lower spring rate, almost stock like so it will sag under extreme overlanding load...