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  1. Close please :)

    Well that’s very nice of you! Thank you for the opportunity but I just bought a new tire carrier looool…. Greatly appreciated though!!
  2. I’m truly perplexed - NOT trolling!

    I have 3.6, 315/70/17s,heavy wheels, and the top is always down. I still hold 8th at 70mph. I only read the first post so if you proved the myth wrong idc. Behold my jeep
  3. Close please :)

    Already rocking those 35s. I don’t see why the stock one wouldn’t hold a 35
  4. Close please :)

    Here’s what I need
  5. Close please :)

    Well I took it apart about 4 months ago and it is a separate piece so I don’t see why not. I run a delete plate right now
  6. Close please :)

  7. Magnuson Supercharger installed. Any questions?

    Probably takes the initial sting away using pre owned parts in your build vs buying new, therefore the same as buying a prebuilt. I agree with you though. I just wanted to know what everything cost on OP’s nicely built rig.
  8. 40’s on stock JLUR

    Let me know when you selling those 37s ^.^ I can drive up and get them
  9. I lied to ya

    Yea modding your jeep for looks is idiotic. I bought my steel bumper and winch in case I get stuck in the Walmart parking lot. Same with the lights, in case I need to see the rogue shopping carts at night.
  10. West Virginia Rubicon STEEL Rear Bumper

    Where are you in WV?
  11. Shock recommendation

    Fox 2.0s drastically changed my ride on my 21 ram 1500 diesel I had. I would suspect they would do the same for the JL
  12. Virginia 2-Door JL Rubi Suspension: Pick-up only--Reston, VA

    I’ll take the wooden crate and can pick it up whenever :)
  13. 1st Jeep Advice

    Yellow accents on wheels!
  14. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Guess I should show off my 2 door a bit! Tell me what you think!
  15. my 3.6 gas wrangler has a diesel hood

    If you look hard enough you might find a turbo!
  16. my 3.6 gas wrangler has a diesel hood

    Put diesel in let us know the results!