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  1. Help! Snapped my axle on my 2022 JLUR Xtreme Recon and I need advice!

    Can you photoshop a highway instead of the dunes? Maybe then the dealership would cover it through warranty LOL
  2. 4xe Fenders

    High altitude does have unique fenders different than the fenders on the JLUR/JLU sport/JLU Sahara. Notice on the JLUR the fender light has a cut out that stretches the entire length of the fender. The high altitude fender is like a painted version of the sport fender with a higher clearance
  3. Women jeepers viewed as lesser?

    Don't take this the wrong way, but does your wife have a RBF?
  4. Car Repossessions Double in 2022 [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    FYI: Editing the title with "Closed due to politics" does not actually close the thread LOL
  5. Looking for a new 392.

    Hey OP, congrats on the new 392! So nosy me is wondering if you could show us what vehicles are currently in your stable? Would love to see that Hemi JK as well :)
  6. Overheating Problems - Need Advice

    WOW, I think the most surprising part was you were still confident to buy another JEEP...I know your initial Jeep was a Lemon, but as much as I love Jeeps, if i went through that I would not be walking into another Wrangler. So Props to you for staying Loyal Also, did the engine issue hurt...
  7. What is an unpopular opinion you have in the Jeep community?

    I get it's a jeep and you should take the doors and top off, but c'mon its 105 degrees in TX, I know you are suffering in there.
  8. Emergency, resolved

    Sucks that happened OP, but glad things are okay now. We all live and learn :beer:
  9. Emergency, resolved

    What is your location?
  10. Research study: Jeep Wrangler vs Ford Bronco sales, buyers, etc

    I guess the moderators did not like my original title thread "They called us poor" and recreated their own :LOL:
  11. 2023 Jeep Wrangler Ordering Now Open! (Earlier Than Expected)

    My 2023 2 door Willy's XR was ordered 6/2 and already ready for shipment , will be picking it up Friday!
  12. Research study: Jeep Wrangler vs Ford Bronco sales, buyers, etc

    Sorry to add more fuel to the flame:
  13. Research study: Jeep Wrangler vs Ford Bronco sales, buyers, etc

    Research study: Jeep Wrangler vs Ford Bronco This article claims Ford Bronco buyers are more "loyal" and "wealthier" than wrangler owners...