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  1. Regear quote, kind of high?

    I've been quoted higher than yours. At one place, quote a bit higher. It pays to shop around if you have the option. I'd be sure they are good before I try to save a couple hundred and deal with the pain of a bad install though.
  2. KBD Fender Flare Kit

    Missed this before...but these are the first aftermarket flares I would consider. No cutting or drilling is key, and they look good. I love my stock flares, but I do worry about messing them up, especially since they are painted and replacing would cost more. Snagging spares of the inserts if...
  3. I find the lack of door options surprising.

    OP is right. We need 3/4 doors 1/2 tube doors wallpaper doors windowless full doors folding plastic doors There are many more. Why can't we get them???
  4. What should I do to my JL that I didn’t know I should do?

    Any chance you'd show yours? I find it hard to believe ten minutes with scrap can come close to this. Maybe you have a different style and I might do it myself. Squared off is all I can see to save time and I am curious how it looks.
  5. I lied to ya

    Show the drivers door key hole.
  6. 12 large/5 months. How many you put on?

    2yr, 7500 miles. Getting to our OHV park is ~500 round trip. Take that away and I'm about 4500 miles in 2 years.
  7. ⚡️ 2024 Jeep Recon EV Revealed! (Off-Road Capable BEV) *** ⚠️ WARNING: NO POLITICS ***

    People touching on axle end motors and not one mention of portals makes me sad.
  8. ⚡️ 2024 Jeep Recon EV Revealed! (Off-Road Capable BEV) *** ⚠️ WARNING: NO POLITICS ***

    Sky touch, removable doors, "green". This is a brilliant add. Even right here, in what would be more enthusiast forums we have MANY who don't wheel, or barely wheel. This recon gives at minimum 50% of wrangler owners everything they bought a wrangler for, and it's an EV.
  9. I want 37's but my gut says 35's on wife's daily driver.

    That only looks cheap. It's all the stuff above the legs that drains the wallet.
  10. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    I take no credit. That is simply a classic movie line when a bus full of lunches were stolen on a field trip Billy Madison was on.
  11. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro……. Your Opinion Please.

    Well, if true that makes my choice easier. Nitto tires are so closed to balanced from the factory that I really liked them.
  12. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro……. Your Opinion Please.

    STT pro or Nitto trail grappler M/T have been my next choice I can't decide on. Unfortunately I just ran with someone a few weeks ago that had the Mickey Thompson Baja boss M/t that loves them and they weren't gentle. So now I have three choices that all seem to be great tires. Even not...
  13. Wheel Mates for Jeep?

    Must be a new thing...I've driven in MN forever without this issue.
  14. Jeep Mods Special for your Dog

    This cover can go up to the front seat headrests, or used with back seat up for the remaining cargo area, or like I do, seats folded and don't cover the back of the front seats. It's OOS, but like 30% less than I paid and it was worth every penny...
  15. What tire pressure do you run on the highway/going around town - and why?

    Have you considered tire cost in the equation? I have no idea how it would factor, but the comment makes me wonder. If your tires last 20% less that is $400 off a $2K set of tires.
  16. What do you miss having from your previous vehicle that the JL doesn't have?

    A/C seats, Auto wipers, auto high beams. Those are first to mind.
  17. Women jeepers viewed as lesser?

    Everyone back up, we got a real life "alpha male" here. 😂 I wheeled with a group two weeks ago, only me and one other male driver. All the rest were women, and let me tell you, those women had balls! Great wheelers, spotters, and just a fun group to hang with.
  18. Levelers for 37s?

    Maybe look closer at where you park the camper.
  19. Levelers for 37s?

    If you only need two or three, they wouldn't take much space.