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  1. I'm looking for lockable locks for the engine Hood

    That electric hood lock looks pretty cool if it is reliable and durable. It would be a great option for vehicles with front mounted cameras. The Bolt hood lock is super simple to install. Takes about 45 minutes start to finish if it's your first time. Less then 30 Minutes if you have done one...
  2. US vs. Italy 2.0T Engine

    Summer performance tires and freezing temps is a bad mix. Though we were driving super-super careful weather was definitely part of the reason we got stuck under the truck. It was clear weather and we suddenly hit a very short patch of flurries and black ice all of a sudden. The truck did not...
  3. US vs. Italy 2.0T Engine

    Your right, just about 80% of new cars sold today are SUVs or trucks. I love my Wrangler but I have sports cars too. I own a 2020 Miata RF also. I have taken it on several long road trips. My Miata is one of the lower cars I own. I am looking under trucks when they are next to me. I drive the...
  4. US vs. Italy 2.0T Engine

    My '19 JLR had the Italian 2.0L. It was flawless. I'd buy another without hesitation.
  5. US vs. Italy 2.0T Engine

    Good to hear no one was hurt. I know the feeling. I was stuck under a 18-wheeler for several minutes in a Corvette once. Watching it's wheels grind closer and closer in what seemed like slow motion. The truck drive did not even realize we were stuck under his truck for a while. We probably were...
  6. US vs. Italy 2.0T Engine

    I remember years ago I read a article about how the clutch plate from a 80's-era Lamborghini was the same as a tractor part. It would be interesting to see how many Fiat, Alfa, Ferrari parts are the same but with different part numbers. I bet there is a difference in cost even if the parts were...
  7. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    It looks great!
  8. Theft Concerns Looking for advice.

    Unfortunately not without relocating the front camera or something. One of the locking latches would probably be your best bet.
  9. Theft Concerns Looking for advice.

    Has never been in a Wrangler and prob never will.
  10. 8 speed auto in 22' JL was impressive

    It's an exceptional torque converter automatic transmission. BMW and other cars uses a version of this ZF 8-speed. The ZF 8-speed replaced the dual clutch SMG transmission in the M3/M4. The ZF is also in the Toyota Supra and the tune for it is phenomenal.
  11. 3.6 vs 2.0 turbo?? Which is better??

    There is a video out there somewhere of 2.0 and 3.6 drag racing. We all know Wranglers are not track or drag strip material. Still, I am surprised a car magazine or channel has not done a 2.0T, 3.6, Diesel, 4xe, 392, Sport, Rubicon, automatic, manual, drag race. Everyone knows the Hemi would...
  12. White JLR with or without painted fenders?

    I took delivery of my White JLR with black fenders and black grill a few months ago. Looks like they picture you attached but a 2-door. Thanks!
  13. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    That matte Stealth PPF looks great! I thought about doing that with a black JLR. I ended up going the other direction with white. Can I ask how much it cost to wrap it with Stealth?
  14. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    I have seen the leather saddle bags, metal and plastic trays. I am leaning towards the metal ones. Any new suggestions for more storage over the rear wheel wells?
  15. Best quality Locking hood latch ??

    Those look pretty nice. How much?
  16. Best quality Locking hood latch ??

    The BOLT was not available when I bought the '19. I owned the Rampage locking hood latches when I had a '19 JLR. They were the best of a very mediocre selection of locking latches. Many brands look the same but there were some significant differences. The cheaper knock-offs used lighter and...
  17. Best quality Locking hood latch ??

    I herd the 392 hood is pretty hefty and heavy. Check out the Redline Hood struts if you don't have them already. They are one of those products you don't think about really needing until you install them. Then you smack yourself in the head and wonder why you did not get them sooner. Very high...
  18. Upgraded brake suggestions

    Maybe look into a different pad compound from one of the known high performance brake pad companies. Sometimes just a brake pad swap can give you better bite, brake modulation feel, and fade resistance. EBC is one brand that comes to mind. There will probably be tradeoffs. Maybe more dust...
  19. Michigan Rubicon Wheels and Tires $800

    It's a good deal. Unfortunately I need to pass. It's almost a 5 hour trip each way for me. GLWS!