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  1. Hood Hinge Recall coming soon due to stress cracks

    To clarify, are you talking about the hinges, like up by the windshield, or the latches at the front like in the picture?
  2. ⚡️ 2024 Jeep Recon EV Revealed! (Off-Road Capable BEV) *** ⚠️ WARNING: NO POLITICS ***

    That's exactly what I thought! Like they made the boxy Honda Element even more boxy and just fixed the grill.
  3. Do You Have Decals That Don't Look Terrible?

    I like the breakfast flag above the Jeep badge. Two strips of bacon around a maple syrup leaf! ;)
  4. Some questions about 4xe Rubicon before purchasing

    1. The AC will run on battery, but it will also crush the battery. Don't plan on it lasting for a whole day at the beach while the dog is in the Jeep. I'm not certain how long it will run the AC but I know it won't be as long as you'd probably want just sitting there parked. 2. The 2.0L Turbo...
  5. Awnings

  6. Alabama 67Designs ball mounts - His & Hers (driver side and passenger)

    I'm selling these two ball mounts since I now have a 4xe and these don't sit flush. Asking $40 obo + shipping. They sell for $29 each on the website: Jeep® JL / Gladiator Mount - Single Ball Base — 67 Designs
  7. FINALLY! Found some Neoprene seat covers compatible with the 4xe!

    Looks like pretty good fit. What are your impressions in person and about the install?
  8. Armorlite New Product Update Info: JLU 4Door Cargo

    Exactly why I'm back here lurking again
  9. Do You Have Decals That Don't Look Terrible?

    I like to eat pork butt. It beats the traditional Spotted Dick from England:
  10. Thinking about getting custom decals, what do you think?

    So did you ever do this or what? Because I freaking want one so bad! Had something similar on my old black Jeep and loved it but it was much more subtle. Had this on driver and passenger doors. Wouldn't mind the upgraded version you were playing with...
  11. 2.5-3” lift for 4xe for around $1500-2000

    Not to highjack or get off-topic, but isn't that a liability if you were to hit a pedestrian, even if they crossed when they weren't supposed to? Just curious, but I thought it was a safety "feature", annoying though it is.
  12. Exactly what is the point of a "Limited slip" rear end?

    I was fairly certain to officially engage LSD you had to apply slight brake pressure as noted by @Mocopo above. Or at least if you have a completely free spinning wheel.
  13. Seat cover for back seat. Dog hair!!!

    Simplest one for your needs would probably be the weathertech rear bench cover: 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4-Door Seat Protector for Pets - Vehicle Seat Covers | WeatherTech
  14. Lol @ Discount Tire...

    It would be interesting to know how much weight was added when they were new and mounted/balanced.
  15. Could this be the mid-year model refresh? 🤣 J/K

    I personally like his doors-off trail mirror mount to make him road legal. Also, I'd bet the only reason he didn't cut his B-pillars off is because he needed them for his seatbelt attachment!
  16. Could this be the mid-year model refresh? 🤣 J/K

    My friend sent me a picture of this earlier today. Looks like a custom made Wrangler! To many sharp corners for me!
  17. FINALLY! Found some Neoprene seat covers compatible with the 4xe!

    Sorry, bro, but I never pulled the trigger on these. Not too long after I had heard that Bartact was about to release their 4xe covers but that hasn't materialized. I was really wanting to go with something qucik but think it's better to wait for what I want. Another forum member sort of talked...
  18. Metalcloak lift kit question

    Sounds great, man! Good luck and be sure to post the upgrade pics!