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  1. Exact Center

    The EC definitely reduces the amount of white knuckling required in high wind etc.
  2. Exact Center

    There are already many great recommendations on this thread. I just wanted to add the main benefit of the EC for me was improved road handling at highway speeds with bad road/weather/high wind conditions. (Note: EC installed in addition to a Fox TS in the factory location.) My steering...
  3. Start/Stop Problem

    The dealer service manager who told you that gets a "Red Flag" :facepalm: I would NOT trust them! If the batteries are the original from the factory, they are simply warn out and should have been replaced by the dealer before it was sold 2 months ago. As far as disabling the feature, many on...
  4. Start/Stop Problem

    Don't why they told you to replace the sensor. How do they know it failed, if it's doing its job sensing a bad battery and disabling Start/stop. 1) Replace the bad batteries - dealer should take care of this if they just sold it to you in July. 2) disable start/stop (ESS) - with one of the...
  5. Loss of power 2022 JL

    If what you say is true, please post your reliable data source documenting this on a national or global level. However, I'm not questioning your personal opinion from your own individual experiences.
  6. Loss of power 2022 JL

    Again... This depends on the quality of the dealership. I have not dealt with your scenario above in my situations with the dealership I chose to work with. (however, I know others have.) I went through the entire "aluminum steering gear" that caused dangerously loose steering debacle with my...
  7. Loss of power 2022 JL

    Many of us have the exact same concerns about others working on our vehicles. Mostly justified too. Make sure that you check your dealership's service department reviews. If you have more than one dealership in your area, go to the one most recommended. Then ask questions and double check...
  8. Loss of power 2022 JL

    Welcome to the forum! Get it in and have a jeep technician take a look at it. This could be very dangerous in the wrong situation. I wouldn't wait around for it to happen again.
  9. Tire rotation confusion....

    Completely agree with your point, but afraid you've got the main character in your story wrong. I know this story well and it shared many times about a man that "misunderstood" God. Not sure how it morphed into a "pastor" character which is completely incorrect. Unless you mean a man that...
  10. Replacing Pathetic Stock Battery(and Disconnecting Aux Battery)

    I've been running the same EverStart battery for 2 years and it's been rock solid and still going strong. There are a few other older posts on this H7/group 94 subject from years ago which prompted me to go this route. Brand EverStart Manufacturer Part Number AGMH7 (group 94)...
  11. Front bumper hoop mod

    Different subject for a moment - how do you like your hood deflector?
  12. California Rubicon wheels and tires

    Thank you! The wheels are definitely recognized as off a Rubicon. It was just the tire size was unknown.
  13. California Rubicon wheels and tires

    Are those tires off your Sport? I've never seen those on a Rubicon. What size (and mileage) are the tires?
  14. Front bumper hoop mod

    Nicely done!
  15. Upgrading Sport S to Rubicon Suspension

    There are different part numbers for each set of springs depending how the factory Rubicon was equipped (and another set for the shocks). For example, metal bumpers and tow packages came with longer springs because of the extra factory equipment weight. Here's a forum thread with a suspension...
  16. Upgrading Sport S to Rubicon Suspension

    This is somewhat true. It's important to know Rubicon spring part numbers and associated lift provided. Many online sellers are advertising "Rubicon suspensions" but not delivering the right springs. With the Rubicon suspension I purchased, I ended up with a 2" lift overall (with leveling...
  17. Upgrading Sport S to Rubicon Suspension

    I'll let the OP respond for his installation. However on mine if it helps, here is a picture of my Rubicon suspension installation with 0.75" leveling spacers in front and 0.5" in the rear. NOTE - it depends on how much you like the factory front rake.
  18. Upgrading Sport S to Rubicon Suspension

    Absolutely! My JLU tracks much straighter after this update. The mopar LCAs are 1/4" longer than stock LCAs. I paid $60 shipped at the time. There are plenty of forum threads here on installation and benefits. Some others get adjustable LCAs, if they're planning on a bigger lift in the future.
  19. Upgrading Sport S to Rubicon Suspension

    Great job! I did the same project years ago and still consider it one of my best mods! Another suggestion would be to consider replacing the factory LCAs with the mopar lift LCAs for increased caster and improved steering :like:
  20. Skyjacker Lowering kit

    2nd the step stool idea. This works well for my brother-in-law's truck with a 4" lift for his 90+ year old mom.