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  1. Oy the prices!

    I start off by no offense as I don’t intend to but we all deserve it…. what did we expect when our elected officials poured $4 trillion dollars into the economy and told everyone to sit home I.e. no services or products being produced/rendered. It doesn’t take a genius economist to figure it...
  2. Xtreme recon suspension on Sport

    No they are not. Different part number
  3. California WTT Regular XR wheels (tires and rims) for 392 XR wheels

    No, I am looking for 392 XR wheels. 392 XR wheels have bronze shade. I am on the mobile else would post comparative photos.
  4. California WTT Regular XR wheels (tires and rims) for 392 XR wheels

    As stated in title. Looking to trade my Regular XR wheels for your 392 XR wheels. It has ~500 miles on it. Looking for something in the same mileage. Located in SoCal and can meet within fair distance. This would most likely be a trade for someone getting rid of the bronze on their vehicle.
  5. Genuine Mopar Extended Warranty $50 over Dealer Cost @ GrangerMotors

    I believe max they will do is 8 years from date of purchase ( or may be service).
  6. California 392 Jeep Rubicon Wheel and Tires with TPMS

    Do you have 392 XR wheels?
  7. 392 badge location on the hood

    Thanks. I am looking for some dimension that would be really helpful. I tried photos but measurements are bit tricky with photos.
  8. 392 badge location on the hood

    Hello 392ers, Could someone be kind enough to measure the placement of 392 badge on the hood. I have a JT hood and I am putting 316 badge on the hood. Since there are no 392s in 100 mile radius from me, I would appreciate help. The reference point for measurement could be the straight...
  9. California MOPAR LED headlights

    Nope. Sold already.
  10. Talk me out of it?

    I mean this with no disrespect. you come to an enthusiast forum and essentially ask them about the vehicle they obviously love. What do you expect? Either you wanted some validation or you didn’t think this thru. As far your question, If you can’t live without a truck, get a real truck. JT is not.
  11. California JLU XR suspension for sale

    I have 3.6L with tow package and hardtop. Yes, I can ship it.
  12. Mojave Hood Swap for JL

    Kharland, can you take a photo of the pins and the tape. I am having a heard finding this thing.
  13. Going to pick up my Jeep tomorrow. Any tips?

    I am sure our Jeep community gave you some valuable tips. But don’t forget to enjoy the experience. These things don’t happen often. So,wishing you a fun and happy memorable experience!
  14. What bumper is this?

    Sorry man. I don’t know who makes it. I am making ridiculous comments that I think are funny after having a few. Good luck with your search.