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  1. Kent’s Jeep Squad - Peterson Jeep Nampa Idaho Order Tracking

    Very cool - Be sure to post pictures and impressions driving it back home! I am hoping to order a Willys XR this fall.
  2. Oil filter housing stuck

    I had the same issue on our Cherokee. I wound up ordering a new cap and used some BF vice grips to get the old cap off. Much nicer now - and I'm changing oil and filter myself from now on.
  3. Interactive Pricing Spreadsheet for 2023 JL & JLU

    Thanks for taking the time to update these spreadsheets! --jj_WA--
  4. Mopar Maxcare - where to purchase from?

    Yes. Purchased our Cherokee from Dave Smith in ID, with the warranty. Had warranty service done in Spokane, WA. No problems. Once it's in the system, it's for the entire system. You purchase a MOPAR warranty, not a dealer warranty. Hope this helps.
  5. Garage clearance - overall height Willys with XR package?

    Thanks, @Zipzit. I was figuring the overall difference to be about 3" due to the lift and larger tire diameter. 6'3"-ish will fit fine. I was looking at the High Tide...seems pretty nice. Thanks!
  6. Garage clearance - overall height Willys with XR package?

    I'm considering ordering a '23 Willys with the XR package and was wondering if anyone has an overall height of their Willys w/ XR? Advertised height of the Willys is 73.6" (width is 73.8" w/o mirrors) so I'm guessing an additional 3~4" max for the lift and 35s. Does that sound right? If so I'll...
  7. Recommended Dealers List

    What sort of deal did you get through Rairdon's? Bellingham is a hike from the south sound area, but certainly closer than Nampa or Kellogg, ID. Thanks!
  8. Recommended Dealers List

    This was published in 2021, but is out of date: Thanks for the update.
  9. Gupton roll call and updates on 2022 orders.

    Interesting they'd ship to you in CO. What is the extra hassle/fee involved to do the extra (?) shipping. Thanks!
  10. Embarrasing, but I have to ask !

    I tell the attendant to give a little extra space, but yes, just a little pressure on the brake pedal and when you slip it into gear you'll engage the transmission.
  11. Recommended Dealers List

    Thanks for the updated information on Bud Claary. It sounds like you got a pretty good deal. Any idea if they only price special orders in this way? Cheers! --jj_WA--