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  1. if I had a nickel... (LOD Signature Sliders)

    for every time I had to tweak after market parts I could buy a fully loaded 392 and have money left over. LOD Signature Series drivers side. today 8/15 driver side rear (rocker needs to move forward) driver side front (rocker needs to move to the rear) I know, I know, get out my die...
  2. Body Mounted vs Frame Mounted sliders

    Which style provides better protection on the rocks? bolt-on or weld-on, does it make a difference? I’m running LOD Destroyers on my ’19 JLUR which I had to cut to clear the rockers. Looking for a set for my ’22 JLUR. What’s everyone’s experience?
  3. Where's my Jeep?

    Happy for those who ordered after me and took delivery already, but damn it's getting frustrating to watch & wait. fairly basic JLUR, hydro, hardtop, 3.6 etorque, auto, remote start, and tow. that's it. :crying::crying::crying:
  4. 3.6L Pentastar V6 w/ eTorque alternator

    does the 3.6 etorque have an alternator?
  5. Toledo Assembly Complex

    Due to the current demand for wranglers, I'm curious if the plant is operating 7 days a week with numerous shifts. Anyone know?
  6. Lone Rock Beach Lake Powell, June 23, '21 - March 27, '22

    Lone Rock Beach at Lake Powell, June 23, 2021 - March 27, 2022 photo with slide bar. interesting to see the rate of change disclaimer: i'm not a CNN reader
  7. Stellantis = 4.5% Chinese government owned

    Just stumbled across this
  8. My head's gonna explode!!!

    I can't be the only one Is it just me or is anyone else here experiencing this crap. The last 4 items I purchased online have arrived used or the packaging had been opened and the part broken. Bosch Router Table (Lowe's), crushed OEM box that had been opened, missing parts - refund Cordless...
  9. JLUR X-Country Road Trip June '21

    My wife and I journeyed on a 6477 mile cross country road trip over 17 days in our 2019 Mojito! JLUR. Destination: Las Vegas, NV with numerous stops along the way. From Philly, we started out on I-76W and picked up I-70W in New Stanton, PA Our first stop was Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO