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  1. Will this battery fit?

    This is great thread. I appreciate you guys laying this all out. Very informative.
  2. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    I love how the Salt Flats feel like another planet.
  3. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

    I already went down the rabbit hole of trying to find 1) what these wheels are called, 2) if they're actually going to be sold. IMO these are the best looking wheels I've ever seen on a JL. Long story short- AEV put these on this build/SEMA showcase in 2019, but have never produced or sold...
  4. New JLUR 392 (~150 Miles), Caster is 3.7 and 4.0 degrees, dealer says it’s within spec

    Just a note: Quadratec is not known for their responsive/helpful customer service. I've had lots of smooth orders with them, but the second anything goes wrong it turns into a massive timesink. I avoid them now, as my time is a lot more valuable than anything available on their site.
  5. Mopar hinge reinforcement - what about the tire carrier?

    I don't have any experience using their tire carrier in conjunction with the Mopar tailgate reinforcement, so the best answer I can give it 'it depends'. You can search threads on here where you'll see lots of people mounting a variety of 37s on the tailgate with the Mopar reinforcement, and...
  6. Mopar hinge reinforcement - what about the tire carrier?

    I thought the Tereflex hinged tire carrier and tire mount were absurdly expensive when I bought them, but they turned out to the one of the best things I've put on my JLR. The Teraflex setup: -Actually fits and installs properly (if this statement doesn't make you sit up a little straighter in...
  7. 4WD selector really hard to switch ranges - is that normal?

    Be rolling, in neutral, <3 mph. In my case, it works best when I'm rolling 1mph or less. If the attempt feels too stiff, move the vehicle forward a little bit more and try again while in a slow roll, in neutral. The transfer case will loosen up with use.
  8. 4xe charge port repurposed for ARB air compressor chuck

    This is ridiculously cool. And this would totally break my neck if I ever saw it in the wild, thinking it was a 2-door 4XE.
  9. Sport/Sahara with MT and 35's

    I have a manual with 4.88s and 37s. At sea level I'm very happy with the drivability. It still pulls in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd very well. It still crawls like a tractor in 1st gear 4low. I don't need to abuse the clutch at all, in any situation. The only thing I really miss is how hard it used to...
  10. Metalcloak lift kit question

    There's a strong possibility you will NOT enjoy driving a manual JL with 4.10s on 37s. If you're 'hoping' to not need to regear, I wouldn't think about 37s until you're 100% open to the idea of regearing. Keep in mind that most of the first hand accounts you see on here where people say 4.10s...
  11. The clutch gang!

    No issues with mine, but it's only two months old.
  12. The clutch gang!

    4.88s with the OEM 33s is an absolute tractor in 4low. Mine is the first time I've ever experienced a 100:1 crawl ratio, and it really is impressive.
  13. Colorado trip Ideas

    I'm passing through on Aug 6th and 7th on the way to Utah. On the 6th I'm doing Red Cone and Webster pass, then Black Bear Pass on the 7th. I'm not crazy about doing them on the weekend (I suspect it will be packed/slow) but that's when I'll be passing through.
  14. Renting your winch for 30 seconds

    I will not be owning or utilizing any vehicles that move to a subscription model for any features. If none are available, I will be riding a bicycle. Major key.
  15. Another visit to Moab

    Also I forgot to add- be respectful of the cryptobiotic soil in White Rim. It's a two-way trail, so be continuously mindful of other vehicles, dirt bikers, and bicyclists. If you see oncoming traffic and you're close to a wide area where you can pull off and allow passing without disturbing the...
  16. Another visit to Moab

    I rolled in a 100% stock JLUR all around Utah last Sept. White Rim is amazing. Awesome experience and IMO a must-do for anyone that hasn't. It's a 'moderate' in Funtreks, and that's only because of certain sections that are steep/rocky or could hurt anything with low clearance. A Subaru with...
  17. 4.88s on Stock Tires

    The KM3s were just a 'trial' run. A friend in the process of building up a diesel JLUR had a set of 37 KM3s on Teraflex wheels sitting in his garage. I was waffling hard on actually pulling the trigger on 37s, because I was afraid it would kill manual drivability or make low-speed crawling in...
  18. 4.88s on Stock Tires

    I've had mine for almost two months now. Driven it with the stock 33s as well as 37x12.5 KM3s and 37x12.5 KO2s (which are on now). It's extremely engaging to drive on the stock 33s (IMO almost 'too' engaging'. I described it in another thread as 'manic'). The people that say you're shifting...
  19. HD Alpha tire carrier stud installation - "jam nuts"

    UPDATE- Got a set of appropriate jam nuts from @Chocolate Thunder which don't disintegrate during use. Spun them on the stud. Torqued them against each other using a ~16" long wrench and a 22mm socket on an 18" breaker bar (read; pretty damn tight. Any tighter and I was leery of doing something...
  20. I can’t decide which engine and transmission to get

    Manual with 4.88s rips, my dude. I'm on 37s and have zero complaints. Order a manual and spec factory 4.88s.