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  1. 3 weeks old, overheats!

    Picked up my new 2 door JL not quite 3 weeks ago, everything was mostly going well.... Last weekend I noticed the temp guage was a little over half, which is a little warmer than usual. One of those things that didn't cause me to be alarmed but concerned and curious. Today on the way home from...
  2. Differential Cover and gasket question....?

    I understand that the axles on the JL Rubicon are different than the Dana 44 on the JK Rubicon. Assuming that is true, does anyone know if a differential cover (and corresponding Lube Locker gasket) for a JK Dana 44 will fit on either the front or rear axles on the new JL Rubicon?
  3. Jeep hood latch mystery

    I was watching a video of some guy going through the Jeep Wrangler JL Accessories catalog (the official Mopar catalog, from the Jeep dealership). The video was posted on 3/9/18. There are a set of hood latches that have the Jeep silhouette on them. There is also no part number given. Does...