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  1. Hood Vents - my own personal test: engine bay temperature stats

    I'm not a fan of "fake" vents but I do like the look of the rubi hood overall.
  2. Where and how do you store your soft top windows in the JLU when the top is down?

    What I want is a wall rack to easily store the soft top off the jeep...
  3. Hood Vents - my own personal test: engine bay temperature stats

    Sone of these "ideas" make me giggle. This is in no way trashing anyone or anything, but don't you think Jeep though about making actual hood vents when they made the fake ones??? I mean it would have 0 cost change to make the rubicon hood vents function if they inded did function, meaning...
  4. Xtreme Recon wheels and 37" tires?

    Will the 37x13.50r17 fit or is the 12.50 the max?
  5. 37 x 12.50 vs 13.50 tires

    I am looking at the Cooper STTs in 37x13.50r17 for my JLURXR will a 13.50 fit on the XR beadlock wheels?? Its an 8in wide wheel and I have seen peopke running 13.50s on accessory wheels, did not know if they are wider or not. I'm not looking to run spacers if I can avoid it.
  6. Whats the real deal with 35's

    I ran 4.88s with 35s in a TJ with a d30/d35 for a decade and never had an issue. However I am a finesse driver not a hammerhead.
  7. My Jeep is at the dealer! But there’s a dealer scam already added

    I recently bought 2 jeeps, both came with a set of wheel locks.. so they are likely charging for what came with the jeep, and there is 0 excuse to charge to clean a new vehicle
  8. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Made use of the metalcloak sale and bout a bunch of armor. F/R bumpers F/R diff skids CAD skid. Plus lisence plate brackets for both bumpers
  9. Jl vs jt half door option pricing?

    They know people buying JTs are a bit dumb so they increase the price 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
  10. Mopar Cold Air Intake Option

    Gimmick. Unless it's pulling air from outside the engine bay its a hot air intake.
  11. Jeep High Tide (and XR) Review -- "Like an F16 and Hummer EV in One" -- Car & Driver Review

    So is it the wheels that make the XR wider or is it the beefier axles that make it wider?
  12. Whats the real deal with 35's

    You will rarely if ever see an axle break without the wheel spinning. Shock loads are what break things most often.
  13. Weathertech Mudflaps on Xtreme Recon

    I found the spray to be quite low... this us after a day of wheeling with a fair bit of mud... others were to the point you could hardly tell what color the jeep was
  14. Power Seat Conversion on my JL rubicon It should have came this way from the factory

    I have had power seats.. they are nice when you have multiple drivers or something that changes to help easily get in an out... In a wrangler the seat rarely moves... get it positioned and never move it again.
  15. Powered accessories

    What's with the winch power??? On my old jeep the winch was just wired to the batter and you simply plugged in the controls. Also I have thought about rock lights. I have an LED light setup that works with a Bluetooth controller I was going to use in my C8 but didnt.
  16. Powered accessories

    I have 4 aux switched and so far only used one for my OBA. What do you guys run??? I am no light bar fan and I cannot really think of other things that need switches. Thought about an air horn but that would get me in trouble 😈😈
  17. Sunshades

    I just bought a full length one... 20% off right now.
  18. Recent soft top window changes

    I found taking the bottom bar out of the rear makes it SO MUCH easier and putting the rear bar back in is simple
  19. Traded Corvette for my first Jeep Wrangler

    I tossed my c8 to get back into jeeps. Good to see I am not the only one
  20. People that have gone from "sporty" rides to a Wrangler... be honest now... do you regret it?

    I went from a TJ to an s550 mustang gt to a c8 with magnetic suspension to a JLURXR I do not regret it in the slightest.