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  1. Garage door spring reminder

    You folks need to understand that there are many types of garage door springs. More than the torsion springs that most of you have.
  2. Self tapping bolt broken head — what to do?

    Dremel is the last tool to reach for in the tool box. The absolute last tool! Could I say it another way? The absolute last tool. As in "Never use that tool"
  3. Self tapping bolt broken head — what to do?

    Try a left hand drill bit. Can find them on Amazon and maybe locally at Fastenal, etc... Grind flat, center punch and drill with left hand drill bit, snake up on the diameter. It might just come loose before you reach major diameter.
  4. Clutch Fire (1 Day After Recall) Burns 2018 JLU to the Ground

    No argument to this theory, but the failure mode from "riding the clutch" is usually a burned up clutch disk with glazed or over heated flywheel and pressure plate. The failure mode for such is normally not an exploded clutch and bellhousing.
  5. Mounting tires at home

    Solution - real Beadlocks and balancing beads. Easy-peasy to do at home. Standard wheels, not a chance I'm doing that at home these days.
  6. NEW AUTO LOAN RATES??? Any tips?

    Local credit union here is 2.49% up to 60 months. 1.99% if you use their car buying service.
  7. Drill bit in tire

    Pics or it didn't happen. Just kidding :)
  8. Ordering Upgrades without a Jeep?

    I had ordered nearly $8k worth of upgrades before Carvana shipped my 2019 Jeep in early July. Within 3 weeks of owning the Jeep it was on the way to Rubicon with over $10k of upgrades.
  9. Front wheel opening "Splash Shield" flimsy

    If you can afford the gas that it takes to run 85mph in a Jeep Wrangler, you can afford metal fender liners ;) Jeep JL Metal Fender Liners I assume this is what you mean by "splash shield"
  10. A favour: Could you please sit in the front passenger seat and check your tube door mirrors from that seat.

    I have the RC tube doors too and found that swapping the mirrors is pretty painless. You might give it a try and then market the CMM's to get some money back. Just a thought, might not be worth the hassle to you since you already have them.
  11. A favour: Could you please sit in the front passenger seat and check your tube door mirrors from that seat.

    Interesting, you have the Rough Country tube doors which will accept the factory mirrors. Care to share why you went the CMM route instead of reusing the ones from your main doors?
  12. 2019 JLU Sport S wanting to add lockers and 37s

    But you missed the 4:1 transfer case...not a small factor in the whole equation.
  13. Rubicon steel bumper scratch

    Easy to do when installing, not so much when removing...
  14. Clutch Fire (1 Day After Recall) Burns 2018 JLU to the Ground

    I agree, failed pressure plate breached the bellhousing and provided a means of damaging the fuel lines. This is really crazy that they are having this much trouble with a simple system that's been in use for decades.
  15. Garages: Pictures and Help—

    Nothing needed other than WiFi for the smart TV and your phone. As to the collar ties, I was just reading a thread on another forum that had a detailed discussion on this. I've built more than a few structures in my time and found the discussion very enlightening. I'll PM you a link so as not...
  16. Garages: Pictures and Help—

    Only need for a large compressor today is if you paint cars, mount tires or have a plasma cutter. Battery tools do most everything better than air tools without the noise of compressor or the hassle of a hose. 2 post lifts work fine on 4" of concrete, no need for a special foundation. Proper...
  17. Garages: Pictures and Help—

    55" smart TV. Perfect for watching how to videos or reading instruction PDF's from across the room. You can even screen mirror your phone to it to scroll, search, etc. from your handheld device. A lift is more handy than you can imagine for many things. BTW, did you have that roof structure...
  18. First time doing a trail

    Looks like you chose a good one.
  19. Looking for advice on skid plates

    Vote for MetalCloak here, I did the full UnderCloak on the 2.0 eTourque before the recent Rubicon trip and was very happy with them.
  20. The worst engine choice. The 392.

    Admittedly not in the same category as the JL in terms of off-road capability, but BMW has a couple of SUV's in the X3 and X5 family's that are are very much muscle cars. Wife has an X3 M40i that will pull a 4.1 second 0-60 and handles like it's on rails. The X3 M Competition Package (503 HP and...