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  1. Warranty Ending Soon

    My warranty is almost up and the only thing that I need to get repaired is my passenger side visor. Jeep has been great and I still have the aluminum steering box with no issues so far. I do have to add a little coolant every 6 months but that’s it. I change my own oil every 5k. While I’m at...
  2. Texas Rear Dana 44 Axle shafts OEM Non Rubi

    $250 obo and might ship in the right situation. I have two axle shafts for sale. One is perfect and the other needs the bearings replaced (under $100). They are in great shape with hubs. Fit Dana 44 JL’s that are non rubi with LSD. Removed professionally.
  3. Texas Eibach Rr Springs .5 Rubi 1” Sport

    $100 obo in DFW,TX For sale JLU .5 Rubicon/ 1” Sport rear Eibach coils with less than 1k miles on them. I switched to the 1” Rubicon/2” sport Eibach coils to get the height I wanted. Eibach makes coils for Accutune, AFE, Rusty’s and Dynatrac, etc... Great if you have a spacer lift and have...
  4. Side View Cameras 🎥

    I’m curious has anyone installed side view cameras? The cameras are cheap but I haven’t seen any info on it being done. I know the 8” screen has an aux plug where you could add a switcher and two cameras but not sure about how I might do this with the 7” screen that I have. Not looking to...
  5. Texas Sold: $120 Custom Power Wheels Jeep ages 3-7

    I have a custom sting grey Power Wheels Jeep for ages 3-7. Has a custom horn/siren installed and it comes with a Bluetooth speaker that sits in the back and can play music from your phone. Needs a $15 shifter and I have not tested the battery the last few months but if dead they can be had...
  6. Texas Sold: SOLD $75 AEV procal

    I have a AEV procal that I’ve decided not use because I wanted more features. Never paired and the $80 Includes shipping.
  7. Texas Sold: $100 JL Sport Wheels & Tires

    Hello, I have 5 Jeep jl sport wheels with 245/75r17 Bridgestone Dueler tires for sale. How about $150 bucks for all 5 wheels and tires. Open to offers. I’m in north DFW.
  8. Texas Sold: Rubi Takeoff Suspension

    I’ve got a rubicon suspension from a late 2019 JLU rubicon. The suspension was used for around 2500 miles. Near perfect condition and never abused. Also have the spring pads. $180 obo prefer local pickup but will ship if you are willing to pay the cost of shipping. Located in north Dallas. Thanks,
  9. Texas Sold: Rubi Shocks

    I’ve got a set of rubicon shocks from a late 2019 JLU rubicon. They were used for around 2500 miles. Near perfect condition and never abused. $100 prefer local pickup but will ship if you are willing to pay the cost of shipping. Located in north Dallas. Thanks,
  10. Black Friday Wishlist

    With Black Friday around the corner and a few early specials already out there I started to think about what Im planning to buy for the retail holiday. I’m hoping for a buy 3 get the 4th free deal on some new wheels that I have been staring at. Or a new front bumper @Metalcloak or @barricade...
  11. Good Amp Ground

    Figured it feel free to delete
  12. Radio On, Jeep Off

    I’ve been doing small mods to my Jeep interior and the other day after the Jeep had been off for an extended time my radio randomly turned on and then off after a few seconds of music playing. I have the 7” uconnect basic radio. Anybody else having the same issue or any feedback? Thanks
  13. Cup holder trim piece

    Installed a silver center console cup holder trim piece. It looks factory and matches perfectly. I wasn’t a huge fan of the blank black space that is there around the upper trim of the cup holders. Ordered it on eBay for around $13.00 and it took about a week and a half to get to Texas. I may...
  14. TUFF Lights

    I’ve seen some pretty good looking advertised lights from Tuff LED Lighting based out of Colorado. Has anyone ever used any of their stuff or know anything about them? Maybe you ran into the owners on a trail, ran their fogs on a JK, or went to high school with them, whatever, just looking for...

    Im looking to see who got the best deal on their JLU and how much off. I’m on the verge of purchasing a ‘18 JLU Sahara with: Anti Spin w/ upgraded wheels LEDs Headliner 3.6 Auto Painted Top All Weather Mats Prox Doors I’ve spent hours researching MY ‘18 issues and I’ve spent well over...
  16. TJ vs JL Rear Springs

    I was wondering if TJ rear coil spacers will fit on the rear coils of a JL? I see company’s like @Rock Krawler Suspension using their rear TJ coils on the rear of their JL lifts so I figured it would work. Anyone with any real world experience using TJ coils or spacers on a JL? The main...
  17. Daystar

    Does anyone have any feedback from experience with Daystar products? Really want to hear about their bushings especially. I was told they use a kevlar bushing. Thier customer service has been awesome so far supplying details. Thanks
  18. JSpec Adj. FT. Coil lift w/Hydraulic BS???

    JKS JSpec has a new adjustable coil spacer front lift. Not bad for $850. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. This is the first I recall seeing for a jeep, I easily could be wrong. It's kind of cool and it might be a great choice for those weekend warriors who want a mild lift. This can...
  19. Skyjacker 1.5" Lift

    Has anyone seen or installed a Skyjacker 1.5" lift kit on a JL? With a price right around $700 for coils and spring, and the fact that 35's pretty much fit on a standard JL, a 1.5" might be a sweet spot for a daily driver on 35ish tires. I've seen the 2.5's" posted but not the 1.5".
  20. Better looking JK or JL?

    I like the JL for the advancements but personally I'm thinking I like the looks of the JK over the JL. Maybe its like every new wrangler and it takes awhile to get use to the new look. I've yet to see a JL up close and have only seen in passing and online. Really just wondering everyone's...