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  1. Car Repossessions Double in 2022 [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Prime (over 600) and Sub-Prime (less than 600) car repossessions have doubled recently and that's a bad omen. Making it worse is Loan-to-value ratios, or the amount financed relative to the value of the vehicle, are around 140%, versus a more normal 80%; and many of the loans were extended to...
  2. SOT to Soft Top

    Has anyone made the switch from SOT to soft top? My jeep is transitioning to toy and wheeling with a SOT is lame (I already hit a tree with it). I'm pretty sure i just need the two soft top lock brackets that go on the windshield frame and a different trim piece for that same area.
  3. 10-year Jeep Challenge

    Jeeps i owned in 2012... (IDC what anyone says about the Commander, I really enjoyed it. Not exactly right then, but in general) Jeeps i own in 2022... 1989 Laredo YJ 2004 TJ Unlimited Sport 2019 JLUR 2020 JLUR It's fair to say I've got a problem. Let's see your 10-year jeep journey
  4. Retiring an old friend

    It’s a sad day for me, but I’ve decided to retire old orangey from daily driver status. He has just over 81,000 miles and the modifications I've done along the way are starting to have problems. Recently had to replace the SOT, replace an Adams driveshaft, need to replace all the bushings on...
  5. Moorman Mega Adventure

    Today begins the Great Moorman Vacation of 2021. Two Jeeps, two adults, 2 teenagers and an eager 10 year old. We will traverse 5 states today, starting in GA and ending in AR. Just trying to get out of the SE as quickly as possible. Pray for us. Pray for ME.
  6. Rock Krawler TSB and Joint Replacement

    If you have a RK suspension manufactured from August 2019 through the end of 2020 you are affected by this TSB. Apparently, Daystar who manufactured the joints, was using the wrong material and RK will send you out new joints. Daystar will cover the labor expense up to $500. The warranty is...
  7. 2022 Rubicons will come with optional 35s, beadlocks, upgraded tire carrier

    All these car companies do is copy each other. In this case I think it would be a popular option. For 2022, the Jeep brand will offer a new 35-inch tire option for the Wrangler. The addition of...
  8. How to drive in snow and ice, for dummies...

    I will be leaving tomorrow for a trip to North Alabama for a day or two, then into the great frozen tundra that is East Texas. As a Southerner, i don't have a lot of experience driving in snow and ice...although i have watched three seasons of Ice Road Truckers. Is there any advice from the...
  9. Gaia Partners with

    I got an email this morning showing that Gaia and TO had partnered to allow you to push TO data right onto Gaia. It looks pretty cool. Anyone tried it yet?
  10. Seat Delete Bracket

    Does anyone besides GooseGear make a 60% seat delete bracket? I’d hate to get on their website and accidentally click the wrong button and buy a $1,000 drawer.
  11. Cooking in the JL

    Attention overlander nerds, I need your help. Me and the fam are heading across country this summer for our vacay. From Georgia to Arizona, then into SW Colorado and Utah. Ending our trip at Mt Rushmore in July 4th...because America. So we’re getting stuff ready for our trip and was wondering...
  12. Jeeps on Social Media

    Hey, I just dumped Facebook and Twitter due to all the BS going on. I started a JL Wrangler MEWE group. Please join if you’re interested. Thanks
  13. License Plate Relocation Brackets

    Can anyone recommend a good license plate relocation bracket, the kind that go on your spare tire? I had one from Smittybilt and I broke it attaching too many Trump 2020 flags to it. I have pretty aggressive backspacing (3") so that seems to be a factor. Thanks
  14. Where do baby Jeeps come from?

    Daddy, Where do baby Jeeps come from? Well son, when a mommy and daddy Rubicon fall in love they get married. And if they pray, God will send them a JL Sport S with tan seats and soft top...manual of course and the 7” touch screen. Daddy, will the baby Jeep stay little forever? Oh no son...
  15. Anyone replaced their e-locker with an ARB air locker?

    Because I am. Wanting a little feedback on how the process went.
  16. North Alabama BOH Trail

    I just submitted "Bootleg Creek" for a new BOH trail. It is located in Stony Lonesome OHV Park. "The Bootleg Creek Trail travels from a pine forested ridge into a mature Appalachian hardwood forest along Bootleg Creek. This boulder strewn creek provides ample opportunities for light rock...
  17. Are we waving at the new Broncos?

    I'm kidding, calm down. LOL
  18. Can you put a JLUR take off suspension on a JL?

    Can you put a JLUR take off suspension on a JL? Asking for a friend. Lol
  19. FCA just cancelled my warranty because of "aftermarket stuff"

    After 24 days of being in the shop, FCA decided to cancel my warranty because of "aftermarket stuff". Now i can't tell you exactly what aftermarket stuff, but definitely some of it. The 37" tires were mentioned a few times, but I'm not sure what else. The problem is that my front axle won't...
  20. WTB: MOPAR JLU Premium Soft Top in black

    Looking to buy a Mopar JLU premium soft top in black in the vicinity of Savannah GA. I will drive if the top is a good deal and in box.