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  1. Heavy-Duty Rock Slider with Step Assist-Mopar

    From what I read it’s not really much of a step, I opted to go with the standard and not getting the upgrade so I could shop on my own for side steps etc which would work with standard rubi rockrails, you can always order these aftermarket and sell the stock rubi that come with the vehicle...
  2. Any Updates on JLR 20th Anniversary Edition

    I think hopefully we’ll hear something as we approaching the closing of third quarters or the fall, as 2023 models have started production so hopefully jeep will move forward on introducing possibly future plans and models updates going into the new year, I’m surprised that there has been no...
  3. How are you supposed to buy a new jeep

    Deals can be found, you just gotta be active on searching and negotiating, and of course be willing to travel out of state if you need to!
  4. NEW AUTO LOAN RATES??? Any tips?

    It’s literally rare that a dealer will ever beat a credit union rate, they might be willing to match it to get your business but CU are the way to go, I know navy CU and Penn CU were really good months ago not sure what they are offering right now
  5. Has anyone been successful in transferring custom order to someone else?

    They are not lying, that is true You will loose price protection etc if sold to a different buyer
  6. Has anyone been successful in transferring custom order to someone else?

    Realistically the dealer can IF they want to, but they don’t have to! If you back out of the deal the dealer can sell or lease the vehicle you ordered to anyone with a new deal that might better work to their favor! Honestly years ago they would of probably done it, so they had a quick sale...
  7. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Will be interesting to see how this goes, I know MY 21 started in aug/sep and we all know that MY 22 was pushed to December, so if jeep gets back on track to MY 23 build date start this month or possibly pushing dates forward, as some members have reported on here with new updated dates on their...
  8. Looking for ordering advice on Steel Bumpers and Mopar Grab handles

    In my opinion the mopar steel bumper is a nice upgrade, the rear could use some improvement, ultimately it come down to one thing, do you have something of an aftermarket bumper that is extremely nicer and fits your need more then the mopar factory one? If so you’d gonna want to save that cash...
  9. Post-trail inspection guidelines?

    After a good off road especially in tight trails I tend to avoid inspection right after as the sounds of branches or other stuff I’m going over are enough to let me know I did some cosmetic damage 😆😆😆 so I’m not gonna let that ruin my good time 😁
  10. Rumor: Diesel XR (Xtreme Recon) coming in November

    It mostly has to do with gearing and epa regulation to mpg etc on the diesel, but I think we’d be more likely to see the new hurricane engine in the wrangles as a 20 th anniversary edition then jeep working on tweaking the diesel to accommodate the XR
  11. I got my new Jeep Rubicon 2022 with XR !

    Awesome congrats on the new ride and welcome to the bright white clear coat JLU club!! If I’ve read that window sticker right the auto trans with e-torque V6 is now $ 4 K msrp 😳😳😳
  12. Jeep won't cover engine if i do my own oil changes.

    I would assume that most of the dealers service department use either new people or trainee to do oil changes they ain’t gonna use a service tech who make a high amount of $$$$ per hour to handle a oil change, very probable on complimentary or free jeep wave ones
  13. Show Me Your Voswitch Setup

    Hi I’m considering this, could you share if this setup gets in the way to reach the oil filter housing? Thank you!
  14. Dealer left oil cap off during an oil change and the Service Manager won't return calls.

    This, and many other stories I’ve read over time it has forced my hand to wave to the jeep wave 3 free services at least for now I’m doing my own on my diesel, it’s a few hundred out of pocket cost that I could be saving but peace of mind is worth more to me then to have to worry about possible...
  15. Max Care Warranty - Money Back Guarantee?

    Keep in mind your first 3 years are covered by the manufacturer, so essentially you are paying for 3 years of coverage, it is a good deal that if you don’t use it you get your money back after 6 years but you can’t file any claims against it, I would shop around with forum sponsors to get a...
  16. Jeep Shopping w/ $20 Limit ... What Should I Buy?

    To easily put this the amount $ 20 dollars and jeep vehicles just don’t go together sorry!! 😆😆😆
  17. Would you walk away from your order, or wait?

    Run the vin# too not just the order # If they changed or updated the customer info in the system you wouldn’t be able to match the info anymore when checking order status, from my understanding is orders can’t be changed once they are put in and accepted by stellantis, the thing that gets me is...
  18. Would you walk away from your order, or wait?

    Right! Something doesn’t sound right, I’m thinking they possibly sold his other jeep too 🤷‍♂️
  19. Would you walk away from your order, or wait?

    Did you run your first vin# you got to see what’s up? Was that jeep delivered, sold etc etc I think your dealership is playing games, check your POC to see entered info, if you want to confront them you need to get all your info together first then lay it out and confront them! Obviously the...