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  1. Spare Tire Carrier Studs bent

    I recently had a 5 tire rotation done at the dealership with my oil change and after a few days I noticed this rattle coming from the back. Turns out my spare tire was not secured properly and when I went to tighten the lugs with my spline socket, i couldn't get the socket off without loosening...
  2. Delaware WTB: Teraflex Alpha HD Adjustable Spare Tire Mounting Kit

    My spare tire studs got bent by the dealership during a tire rotation and they blamed it on the 92lb tire/ I am looking for something a little more sturdy that comes with the tire studs and this seems to fit the bill.
  3. Delaware Xtreme Recon Fender Flares

    Looking to grab a set of these as I have state inspection coming up, and even though my tires are past the fender by 1.5", it's about 1" illegal here and would fail if I got the wrong guy in the inspection center. I figure these would be a possible temporary solution to put on for inspection...
  4. Added AEV Spacer lift w/Correction brackets

    Just got a call from the shop who did this, and they told me the caster is 4.1 and 3.7. I have no clue what these numbers mean and/or if they are important to me. Said something that it shouldn't be a problem if I maintain a proper tire rotation schedule. Am I to believe that I really didn't...
  5. Add a 2" spacer lift?

    So, we just added the 285's to the JL. Adds that aggressive stance, and truthfully, looks really nice. Was looking at it today, and trying to figure out if I added say a 2" AEV spacer lift, if it would look stupid. The lift would essentially bring the bottom of the fenders to the top of the...
  6. What kind of socket do I need?

    Got my wheels from discount tire...they sent a bag of these lug nuts but no store anywhere near me has a socket that fits them.
  7. Delaware WTB - Rubicon Takeoff Shocks & Springs

    Looking for 61/62 and 90/91 (or 91/92 if that's a thing) springs. Open to paying for shipping for right items as well.
  8. Delaware WTB - JLUR - Diesel Takeoffs

    As title suggests am looking for take off suspension (springs and shocks) from a Diesel, preferably hard top, steel bumper and tow package. open to working out shipping or local pickup within reason.
  9. Wheels and tires ordered

    Finally! 17x9 and 285/70. I sit here and wonder if a 2” spacer lift such as the Teraflex or AEV would look too big with the 33” tires? Don’t want that skipping leg day look.
  10. Delaware WTB - Rubicon Takeoffs in DE, NJ, MD, SEPA region

    My tires are shot, wheels and tires are out of stock everywhere, so the next thing to do is add some Rubicon takeoffs. Let's get this done.
  11. Ordered tires and wheels

    Just put an order for (5) Fuel Hostage 17x9 wheels with 5 Toyo OC AT3 (285/70R17). before I paid, the guy goes, i'm telling you right now, these won't fit your Sahara without a lift. I was under the impression the JL Sahara can run 285/70's with no problems whatsoever.
  12. Tire advice

    I am eagerly awaiting the wheel I want to actually come into stock (seems like it's been out of stock since december - Hardrock Affliction H700), and am trying to dial in my tires. The place that I'm getting the lift installed (if/when that is ever in stock again) recommends Falken Wildpeak...
  13. 35" tire questions

    I am lifting, whenever the lift gets in stock...I'm putting 35's on...whenever the wheels and tires get in stock. This has been my hell for the last 2 months. Anyhoos....I have a 2018 Sahara. when I put the 35's on, i figure it'll weigh...~100lbs. I know I will need a relocation bracket...
  14. Installing Fox IFP 2.0 Steering Stabilizer. Any tips?

    So I have a Fox IFP 2.0 Steering STabilizer coming today. When I go to install it, is there anything I need to do prior? By that I I need to run the wheels a certain way, should I have them straight? Any if I install this, do I need to do an alignment? First time I've...
  15. 8.4" Premium Alpine System - upgrading questions

    just got some infinity 3032's for the dash and JL C2 350x for the soundbar. This will suffice.
  16. Sunshade

    I'm confused. On one hand, I get the need, keeps the sun from beating down on you and your wife (who likely will complain more than you)....but on the other hand, you take the top off to get that open sky, the I kind of get it but I kind of dont... Help me out.
  17. Black Jeeps with Black Flake wheels

    anyone have this combination? Saw the Fuel Beast D564 in black flake on custom offsets, and was curious how that would look against my black Sahara. I had been leaning toward all black or black with milling to compliment the chrome badging on the fender... I like the look of these wheels, i...
  18. Delaware WTB: Toplift Pro or RollnJack

    if local, I can pick up...if you have one and can ship that's great. we can work something out.
  19. Delaware WTB: 5 OEM Rubicon Wheels and Tires

    Looking for a set reasonably close to me, not the ones with the black middles, but the standard Rubicon wheel with TPMS included. PM me if this fits what you got and we can figure things out.