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  1. What the #@&% is this abomination?

    Saw this monstrosity on the road today. Looks pretty armored and even has grab handles/ foot slots for outside security. It looks to be 5 tons if it's a pound. I'm not going to say it belongs to some trashy dude with more money than sense, but it does have FL plates...
  2. Grand Wagoneer anyone?

    Jeep also previewed the Grand Wagoneer Concept which should launch next year, and it's pretty impressive. Anyone interested? And, at what price?
  3. Dealer markup on parts?

    I just went to my local dealer (Huntington Jeep on Long Island) to order the Mopar Grille and Winch Guard Hoop ($249 on the Mopar site), and they tried to charge me $369! When I asked why, the guy simply said "That's our price. We can't match the online price for parts." So, I grumpily stormed...
  4. Tank Turn

    I need this on every vehicle I own from this point on.
  5. New York Sold: Mopar pet barrier: $100 shipped

    New still in package Mopar pet barrier. $205 retail, $100 shipped.
  6. New York Sold: Rubicon rock rails Long Island INSTALLED

    Selling good as new Rubi rock rails, on from dealer to home (50 miles). Come with hardware, or I will include installation. $150 whether I install or not.
  7. 2020 Wishlist

    What are you hoping for from the '20 JL? BSG? Static Pricing? New colors? Tire choices? Wheels? New accessories? I would looooove a Rubicon with a Selec-Trac transfer case. I know, I can configure a Moab (and now an Altitude) to get close, but too many differences. Europe gets the full-time 4WD...
  8. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    I'm trying to put together a group buy (20 or so buyers) for the '20 MY launch. I have some dealers interested, one even going to 7% under invoice in Connecticut. At this point, with the JL line shutting down in a few weeks, I think waiting for the '20 MY is the way to go, as the order banks...
  9. New Rubicon Dash Option

    As an FYI, and I don't know if they'll ever be a Mopar option: the Gladiator Launch Edition Rubicons come with a Leather dash panel with red stitching. For those interested, something to keep an eye out for. You may even get a JT owner to swap with you if you're super lucky...
  10. Another $500 incentive on 2018 Wrangler!

    Not the same offer as the mailer, but it is available on '18 JLs. It even goes so far as to deduct $500 from the net price on the configurator: The site states it's good for all '18 model Wranglers only, but you must take delivery by April 30th. (footnote #26 on the Wrangler homepage)
  11. Manual Rubicon @9% under invoice Northeast

    If anyone's interested,Mark @FitzSince1923 (Fitzpatrick Jeep in Ansonia,CT) has a Billet Silver matched top semi-loaded manual 6-speed Rubi that a customer returned that he's offering at 9% below invoice. He tells me it only has around 250 miles on it. MSRP $52630, his price: $44970 +TTL and...
  12. Think the Wrangler is too big?

    Do you think the Wrangler has become unwieldy? Check this out:|15
  13. $500 off 2.0L JL model - Black Friday Deal from Jeep EXTENDED to 12/3!

    Just saw this on the website. Applies to the 2.0 only and expires 11/26. EDIT: Extended to 12/3!
  14. Destination to $1445!!!

    I just saw that not only has Jeep raised the MSRP on the Wranglers $500, but the destination charge is now $1445 for all models! Anyone else seeing this. It's not on the configurator, but under vehicle details in "Search New Inventory", many Rubicon and Sahara models show the $1445 number.
  15. Dual Top Group with Color Matched HT

    Has anyone had success ordering the Color Matched Hard Top with the Dual Top Group? Taken delivery? Given an ETA? I've seen a few posters talk about getting an aftermarket soft top because they couldn't order one with the painted top.
  16. JLU and JL Interactive Pricing Worksheets Updated for 2019! 1-8% below invoice pricing added.

    All-New Pricing for 2019! 6, 7 and 8% below invoice pricing added! I created an Excel worksheet for JL pricing with options and variable discounts below invoice. New Update: Sahara added. Sport added, too! (The Sport worksheet doesn't list all options included with S package, but that doesn't...