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  1. 1 1/2" coil spring questions

    I had steel bumpers and a winch installed on my2022 Rubicon w/XR package. Now the front is within an 1/4" of sitting on the bump stops. Will the 1 1/2" coil springs put me back to my stock ride height of 1 1/2" lift? I feel this would be a better option than adding spacers. thanks
  2. Who has used XR beadlock wheels as beadlocks?

    I'm waiting on my JLUR XR to be built. I want to use the wheels as beadlocks with the mopar rings. Has anyone done so and do the bolts sticking out on the rings present problems for those wheels.
  3. Would sky one touch work trail riding?

    I’m about to order a JLUR XR and really interested in the sky one touch top. I currently ride an 82 CJ-8 with cage and no top. I’m not concerned about rock rash on my present Jeep and will not take the new Jeep on the same trails to avoid damage as much as I can for now. My concern is the soft...