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  1. How to check CEL codes?

    I have a fault code in my JT even the dealer cant tell me what it is. I went on ling and also came up blank , code is U0432-00
  2. Annoyed With First Wrangler. Mulitple Codes at Delivery. UPDATE* Got Jeep Back

    I just picked up my Gladiator 1 week ago , 3 codes so far but no lights. Their answer is, they are in memory from the factory and just need to be cleared when they show up. I do not get a light but I do have a programer to rest speedometer and tire pressure, so now I will be checking weekly...
  3. Dissecting a recent TFL video

    I just put 315X70X17 on my 2018 Rubicon spare fit well, with factory wheels no problems . I am installing new 17X9 inch wheels Thursday 11-28. The factory wheels rounded the tires to much unless I wanted to run 24LBS air pressure.
  4. Any recent diesel news...?

    At the end of November the Life time full coverage warranty will not be available on any jeep model. By the way I purchase a new jeep wrangler every year, for the last 10 years and it has always taken 6-8 weeks for delivery @ Huffines jeep Lewisville, Texas.
  5. FCA Ecodiesel news

    We are looking into a Colorado ZR2 diesel again the 2017 I purchase loaded at $48,150 out the door. The 2017 we have was a lemon traded it for a 2018 Rubi maybe next time we will get a good one. I have a 2016 and a 2018 Rubi now. I am waiting on the JT diesel pricing before I pull the trigger...
  6. New Record: 561 JL built in a 10 hour shift

    I have bad welds everywhere, looks like my 3 year old great grandson did them. Guess I will live with it for a while. May trade for a 2019 Colorado diesel or if it ever comes out a 2020 JT diesel, only If they get their auto welding straighten out. I would also see better quality than hooray for...
  7. anyone with 6K miles and zero problems

    Yes I have 13344 and now driving to Phonex from Dallas . No problems at all getting 20.3 mpg at 75 mph on I - 10. Great wrangler rubicon love it. Oh yea my wife is driving so I can text.
  8. Jeep vs Defender

    I am for anything that will compete with a wrangler, wouldn't buy it but hopefully the competition would help keep jeeps JL price down, my first jeep was a 1983 Laredo loaded for $13,900.00 and I sold it last year for $15,000,00. Paid $47,000.00 for my 2018 JLU Rubicon I will never see the...
  9. Who is dumping their JL.

    I ordered mine in November of 2017 picked up my JLU loaded Rubicon in February, It has 12000 miles on it now. I towed our travel trailer R pod 180 3000 miles and wheeled it over 900 miles around Ouray co for the month of July, it has been trouble free. Sorry guys it is a great Jeep we love it...
  10. Working Brake Controller cable found

    YouTube has it.
  11. Are you leaving your "Wrangler Unlimited" stickers on your jeep?

    I guess I miss the point , to each his own. Sounds like a bunch of politicians trying to convince what they like is what everyone should like . Buy it fix it like YOU want it.
  12. Post your positive uplifting new ownership experiences

    Headed to Ouray Colorado June 27th in our 2018 JLU Rubicon with 6000 miles on it and NO problems yet.
  13. 1,500 miles and needed new transmission!!

    I had the same problem. Then I shut the drivers door and it works great , it is a built in safety issue. But I have 3700 on mine with not one problem. I didn't know what was going on.
  14. Dealers now demanding a new $170 contract with tire size flash!

    But did I read $300 to keep your warranty intact was included?
  15. Official EPA numbers for JL 2 door hits 25mpg!!!!

    WOW a 2 mpg difference, yes the torque would be nice especially towing my trailer. But as far a wheeling you will never notice the difference. I have had 350 HP and 400 lbs of torque in a Jeep and a 1980 4 cy CJ went right along with me anywhere. Of course the 350 V8 sounded great! how fast do...
  16. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    I have a 2016 JKU and just received in February my 2018 JLU, all ready 3500 miles on it and I am loving it, I have my 2016 set up for some rock climbing , my wife 's daily driver. When the 2019 P/U coms out I plan to trade in the 16 for one and get the diesel if it is within my financial means...
  17. Second thoughts?

    I purchased a 2018 Rubicon out the door at $43,980.00 but only with auto, hitch package , LED lights and hard top. From Huffines Jeep Lewisville , Texas
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I redesigned a fix for error that lets rain water run in your JL when you open the door, because of the slanted windshield. But I can only drive 40 MPH.