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  1. New Jersey Stock axle shafts off 2019 JLUR $100

    Front and rear OEM axle shafts off a 4 door Rubi $100. Splines are straight. Great for spares or replacing yours. I rather not ship. I'm in 08550 NJ We can work a deal if you really want me to ship. Keep in mind they are heavy and would cost @ $150-$200 to ship depending where youre located...
  2. LiteBrite puts out new YT video

    Awesome video explaining how they started 3 years ago to where they are now. Inspirational to people just starting out on YT. I know I'm helping them get more views. Kevin is a good dude.
  3. New Jersey Sold: OEM LED Fender marker lights $50

    I have a set of OEM LED fender markers off my 2019 Rubi. They are fully functional. I will ship at your cost. I am at 08550 and the box will be 4"x 15" x 4" at 10lbs. You figure out shipping cost.
  4. New Jersey Sold: 3rd Gen Mopar 2in lift springs and Fox shocks take offs $400

    I took off the Mopar lift off my 2019 Rubicon Unlimited with hardtop, steel bumper and tow package. I had just under 3in of lift. The shocks are not dented or leaking. Lift height will vary on model and if on a 2 door. $400 for the 4 springs and 4 shocks. (1 Fox shock goes for more than...
  5. New Jersey Sold: Rear Steel Bumper $180

    I have a rear steel bumper from my JLUR. It should fit all JLs. Currently, I am using the license plate insert, so it is not included in the sale. I rather not ship. Thx for looking.
  6. New Jersey Used OEM Drive Shafts off JLUR $100 each or $180 for both

    I replaced them recently. Boots intact and no dents. Great to have as spares. Salvage yards are selling them for $200 a piece. I'll include the flanges and bolts. I believe they fit all JLUs. Prefer pick up, but I will package and ship from 08550 at your dime.
  7. New Jersey Sold: Used Quadratec Aluminum skids $250

    I have a set of used Q skids with cross members. All hardware included. Some trail rash, hence the incredible sale price. Still very functional. Q states this is specific to a 3.6L 4 Door. (I'm thinking they could fit a 3.6L 2 door) If you have a 2 door 3.6L and near Central Jersey, come by...
  8. Reid Racing Knuckle Q?

    Just wanted to know if anyone cut or is thinking of cutting the driver's side drag link appendage on their Reid Racing Knuckle. I believe it is for right hand drive vehicles and wont affect anything. Oddly, its causing me some anxiety. Would there be an issue if removed? Thanks.
  9. New Jersey Aluminum Knuckles. Free or $10 plus actual shipping cost

    Hello, I just replaced my driver's side knuckle today and will do the passenger's side tomorrow. I wont need the OEM aluminum ones. I live at 08550. Please calculate your own shipping. Figure all boxed up, it will be around 20lbs and the box being around be 20"X10"X10" Actually shipping...
  10. New Jersey Sold: Used Mopar Lower Control Arms 68322798AA $50 shipped

    I have an used set of the slightly longer Mopar control arms that was installed with my Mopar lift about 20K miles ago. I recently replaced all 8 arms and sold everything to someone not needing the front lowers. I'll ship them to the lower 48 for $60 or you can pick them up for $30 in Central...
  11. New Jersey Roll Call

    Hello All. I plan to post to this thread daily and hopefully have you guys add input to keep this thread prospering. Post what you think would be helpful to others in New Jersey. I know you guys are out there. I'll start. There isn't a lot of tire places that can spin a 37in tire. I found...
  12. New Jersey Jersey Peeps / Items for sale/free

    Hello all! I'm cleaning out my garage and would like for local pickup in Central New Jersey 08550. All were removed from my 2019 JLUR Free $0 Stock exhaust and resonator (trash guy didnt take it today 🤔) Rear inner fender splash guard? Bumper/Grill trim piece. Tie rod and drag link...
  13. New Jersey Sold: Free stock exhaust off a 3.6L '19 JLUR

    I have a muffler and resonator with corresponding pipes off a 2019 Rubi Unlimited. There are no dents and in fair condition. Pick up only at 08550 NJ. I will place it out with the recycling next week if I don't get a response. PS. Frame side hangers not included.
  14. Challenge

    I apologize if this is your Jeep.
  15. Welding (stick) on frame.

    I want to weld some tabs on my frame and slap a couple of spot welds on the exhaust. What precautions do I need to not fry the electronics? disconnect the battery? Where at? The "red" terminal? Thanks.
  16. Borla 140828 Touring Climber installed

    No difference in sound unless you romp on it at over 3K RPM. I needed another band clamp bolt as that was rusted and one of the rear sway bar bolts broke free from the backing weld and needed to replaced. Other than some stubborn hanger grommets, it was a fairly easy install.
  17. New Jersey 2019 JLUR Front and rear OEM Driveshafts $100 each / $175 pair

    Parts # are P68272547AC P68272525AB Yoke/flanges and bolts are included. Salvage yards are selling them for over $200. Local pick is preferred.
  18. What would be a great price for this Jeep?

    I was picking up a part at the parts counter and the wife was looking around the showroom this weekend. They had this 2022 2 door. Monroney attached. They're wanting MSRP. I told them I can order one and pick up at Koons for way under MSRP. They said they'll match. I was just bluffing...
  19. Marine grade Lube?

    I switched over from red to the blue marine grade lube for steering/ball joints/DS this last lube interval. Will this hurt anything or good thing? I'm using the Lucas brand. I'm a simpleton and figure stuff gets wet on our Jeeps and I live in the Northeast. Please let me know if I'm wrong and...
  20. Loose transfer case yoke nut/ weeping pinion seal / Adams 1350 DS

    Hey all, just wanted to let you folks know that when removing the yoke at the transfer case, the nut was a bit more than finger tight. The time it took to put a ratchet on the socket, the weight of the ratchet spun the nut loose. Very odd. Never less, I took care of the weeping front pinion...