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  1. A winch for dummies.

    New Warn Winch Hoping they can preorder.;)
  2. California Sold: Sale 5 392 (Not XR) Wheel and Tires W/TPMS

    Selling the 5 takeoffs from my 392. They were removed at 340 miles, no offroad and in perfect condition. The TPMS are Schrader with build date of 6/17. Price is firm at $2000. I am in South OC and not able to deliver, pick up only. Will post pics later today. PM if interested.
  3. Rock Lights Advise

    I was given a set of 4 rock lights and not sure if I will install. I am not interested in just for looks or light shows. What are some of the practical uses and best place to mount? I thought they might help in repairs or digging out if there not in my face blinding me. I see many mounted in the...
  4. All Electric for Chrysler by 2028. sooner than I thought. No ice, no hybrid by 2028 only all electric for Chrysler.
  5. Will the 392 Join in the end game?

    Death Date for the Charger and Challenger.
  6. 392 Spring Spacer ?'s

    I am looking to install a spring spacer in the front only. I have added the winch and light and I am sitting 1 1/4 lower in the front. I am thinking 1-1 1/2" Do all of the JL options fit the 392? So far I have looked at Teraflex, Rough Country and the metal Mammoth. Any brand preference? I would...
  7. Anyone using Banks Pedal Monster/Data Monster

    Just looking for feedback that it works. I ordered 64333 with Data Monster. Would like some tips on how and where you mounted the gauge. I tried the Pedal Commander and had issues and poor customer support.
  8. Baja Designs LP4 and 6. Opinions?]]

    I was going to reuse a Rigid 30" bar and 4 spot cubes but noticed bubbling in the paint and the polycarbonate was getting some cracks from sun. I have had the BD's in my cart for almost a week. Lp4 spot white for A pillar, LP 6 white combo for center of bumper or on bar and 2 LP 4 combo on...
  9. Rubicon 392 order question.

    Just joined the forum and looking forward to participating. I am preparing to order a 392 and I am having difficulty with options. I want the safety and advanced safety packages that are an option on a standard Rubicon. I don't see anywhere on the build to choose these as an option. I also could...