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  1. Midland MicroMobile 15w GMRS Install

    I get it, that's why I suggested the RJ45 panel mount in the dash or console. Unplug the mic and put it away when not in use and you just have a little unsuspecting internet data/phone jack. Whatever works for you, just make sure the notch in the glovebox is smooth so it doesn't cut into the mic...
  2. Midland MicroMobile 15w GMRS Install

    Closing the cord in the glovebox probably wouldn't be too good on the cord long term. An extension cable with a RJ45 panel mount in the dash would make a clean quick mic jack.
  3. CB vs GMRS

    It depends on who you run with and what they run. If you don't run with a group, then it wouldn't be a bad idea to run both. GMRS is better than CB in almost every way, except popularity (though GMRS is catching on pretty quickly) and the license fee. GMRS has more power (up to 50 watts vs 4...
  4. Critique my GMRS kit …

    Amazon and The Antenna Farm appear to have them. On that note here is the antenna I use for GMRS, it too is a halfwave on GMRS which by the way doesn't require a ground plane. Tram 140MHz-170MHz + 430MHz-470MHz Dual Band NMO Antenna (1181) : Electronics
  5. Critique my GMRS kit …

    My first concern is the antenna mount and height, as jeepdriver99 pointed out. Also be prepared to remove the paint on the mount so the NMO mount makes good metal contact underneath and possibly to ensure the mount makes good metal contact with the body of the vehicle. A longer antenna would be...
  6. GMRS Travel and Off-road Channels

    So that the repeated signal can be retransmitted simultaneously. If a repeater used the same frequency for receive and transmit it would have to wait until you finished speaking to then retransmit your signal, so those close enough to receive your signal simplex would hear you twice. There would...
  7. GMRS Travel and Off-road Channels

    The FCC isn't giving any of their money to repeater owners for the upkeep of their repeaters.
  8. GMRS Travel and Off-road Channels

    Except 2m is VHF and GMRS is UHF so you would want a dual band radio. I am sure that's what you meant but I just wanted to clear that up for anyone else who wasn't aware.
  9. CB Radio Locations and Installs -- Post your Pictures

    CB over GMRS.... umm it's still somewhat more popular though that may vary by location and they don't require a license. GMRS is better than CB is pretty much every other way.
  10. Midland MXT275 stock antenna location

    Give it a shot, what's the worst that will happen? Antenna height it key to more distance with VHF/UHF (2 way) radio.
  11. GRMS Radios which is best BTECH 50 watt or Midland 40 watt?

    Keep an eye out for the Midland MXT-575, supposed to be coming mid-October if I remember correctly. I think this is probably the best GMRS mobile radio on the market right now, at least on paper. From one end of the vehicle to the other if you wanted. My 100w HF ham radio gets cranky after...
  12. Handheld CB Radio and Antenna Recommendation

    For what it's worth GMRS in Canada appears to be license free.
  13. Handheld CB Radio and Antenna Recommendation

    Yes, but the radio comes with all of the adapters. Don't buy from that link it's almost $100 more expensive than direct from Midland. 75-822 Portable/Mobile CB Radio | Midland Radio (
  14. Handheld CB Radio and Antenna Recommendation

    The Midland 75-822 is "convertible", it can be either a handheld or mobile. The mobile adapter has a SO239 on it to accept coax and a mobile CB antenna.
  15. Handheld CB Radio and Antenna Recommendation

    I prefer wire whip antennas such as the Larsen NMO27 however if you prefer the Firestik type look for one that has an adjustable tip. The firestik you note appears to be a cut to tune type. Also GMRS in Canada is not like it is in the states (unless it's changed in the last year or two), it's...
  16. GMRS antenna mounting

    Do you also have the spare tire in place? You might try taking it off and see if the SWR improves.
  17. Convert CB mount to NMO?

    Perhaps something like this? Take a look at the reviews and there are pics of it being used on a tailgate CB antenna mount. OPEK NMO-3-1 NMO to UHF (SO-239) Female Adaptor: GPS & Navigation
  18. Convert CB mount to NMO?

    If he is ok with running new coax you can get nmo coax with a 3/8" center stud as long as the antenna mount has a wide enough base for the NMO to clamp around.
  19. GMRS Ghost 3db antenna to 32" 6db whip antenna

    For a properly mounted antenna the length of coax is irrelevant so if you have extra coax you may shorten it.
  20. Too much antenna deflection?

    Swapping the spring in/out will effect the tune. Unless you have an issue with it hitting the windshield I wouldn't worry about it.