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  1. Fitting a JK Hardrock Bumper on a JL/JT + Winch + Factory Fog Lights + Skid

    Looking online there is not a lot of information on this. I wanted to start this thread to help others as I have had to figure things out. Installing the bumper The bumper will fit with some die grinding of the holes on each frame horn. The JL mounting is wider than the JK so you need to oval...
  2. Texas Sold: Barnes4WD Jeep JL Steel Bumper Winch Plate / Mount

    Price: $220 $200 Location: Magnolia, TX I bought this hoping it would fit the JK Hardrock bumper. It does not. It will only fit the newer JL steel bumpers. It is new and the only thing I have done is painted it black with about $20 in spray paint. This is almost identical to the Warn version...
  3. Texas Sold: Mopar 392 Front Steel Bumper Skid Plate $30

    I bought this skid plate thinking it would fit the JK Hardrock bumper and it did not. It is just the skid plate from the 392 Rubicon. Does not include any hardware. Price: $30 Location: Magnolia, TX
  4. How to make Rockslide Engineering Step Slider Lights

    I bought some used rockslide engineering steps for my new JL and wanted to add the step lights. I had a hard time spending ~$90 with shipping on 4 led lights with weather pack plugs so I did a little Amazon research to see if I could make my own. SPOLIER: My total was $33.05, I built 2 sets...
  5. Texas Sold: Rockslide Engineering Step Slider Light Kit $20

    I built my own so these are not technically their lights, but you tell me if you can see the difference. Price: $20 Shipping: ~$10 Local pickup: Free (Magnolia, TX) Here are their lights: Here are mine...
  6. Texas Sold: 2022 Rubicon JL Wrangler Rock Rails/Sliders $50

    I just took these off my 2022 Jeep with 2000 miles on it. These are basically like brand new. These are the factory sliders that come on the Rubicons. All hardware is included. $50 located in Magnolia (outside Houston)
  7. Post your Craigslist/FB Marketplace/Etc Steals

    So I have been on a role recently finding deals. I'm about $1100 in and have a bumper, sliders, wheels/tires, and 2 more chargers. Post your finds here. Rockslide Steps They said the motors were bad. Motors are fine (gave them 12v without the harness). I think the circuit board is bad through...
  8. How I got 5% below invoice on a 2022 Rubicon 4XE in Texas

    I figured this would be helpful for anyone that was shopping for a new Jeep in Texas. I first planned to purchase from Gupton to get 6% below invoice, but figured I would try emailing all dealerships within 200 miles of Houston to see if anyone would match it. Only 1 dealer would come close. I...
  9. 4XE Battery Manufacturer

    So I picked my RAM up from service today and my advisor told me he just gave a 4XE owner their jeep back after it had its battery replaced ($20k on the owner since he punctured it off-roading). Anyways he said Jeep flew technicians down from Detroit to do the install and that the battery pack...
  10. '22 4XE Check In

    I saw a thread for Diesels and figured us 4XE guys need one. I'll start with mine. So far jeep chat has told me they are waiting on parts. I hope it gets built soon, I ordered a week after they opened the order banks. EDIT: My complete build is here.
  11. MODS, Please start a SEMA 2021 Coverage Sub forum

    Title says it all. I need my fix on new products and cool builds.
  12. Dealers % Below Invoice on 2022 Wranglers

    With today being the day we can start ordering I felt a new thread needed to be started especially since it seems we are not able to get the same discount we could have had 6 months ago. EDIT: This thread blew up. To make things easy to track please go straight to the spreadsheet HERE created...
  13. Genright 50% off AFE, K&N, and Magnaflow

    Just passing this info along. Discount taken in cart. A few deals I noticed. KN air filter $10 KN oil filter $2.50 Afe 2" lift $650
  14. AlfaOBD App for JL

    So the app doesn't list the JL on it but it does have the JK. I am wondering if anyone has used this on their JK and maybe we can get the app developer to work on the JL. This would be a cheap alternative for Tazer or Superchips that is also not locked to a vehicle. I learned about this app...