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  1. Artec OEM Fender Hardware Question

    I ordered the Artec Industries OEM replacement fender hardware kit. Below is what I received. Sooooo….do the button heads and washers eliminate any type of clip. I could have sworn I saw a video where black clips were used that the button heads screwed through into the rivnuts.
  2. Rubicon XR lift rear track bar question

    Will be installing a Rock Krawler 2.5 Flex lift once it arrives on a 21 Rubicon XR. I recently discovered that the factory rear track bar bracket on the axle side is reinforced and set higher than non XR models. The Rock Krawler comes with a rear track bar bracket that would raise the track...
  3. Help….Front Diff Skid for 2021 Rubicon

    Anyone run a front diff on their 2021 Rubicon and have a front diff with giant dumbo ears like mine?
  4. Which LCA skids...Artec or EVO

    Looking at LCA skids for my 21 Rubicon XR. I am trying to choose between Artec and EVO. Any opinions or are they both good to go? The EVO look like they have a little extra protection on the rear of the lower shock mount...not sure if that matters though.
  5. 2021 Rubicon XR mods and stuff

    My Snazzberry Jeep is stranded somewhere in NC awaiting its final destination to my dealer. However, all the parts I’ve been ordering are starting to trickle in. I have more Jeep parts than Jeep at the moment. First change will be ditching the factory plastic bumper for this Rugged Ridge...