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  1. Mopar Introduces Performance Windshield Wipers w/ Built-In Washer Jets

    Up here in north there’s also a fine mist of salt grime in the air that coats your windshield and makes it less transparent. so I actually use my sprayer way more in the winter than in the summer
  2. What is this?!

    I can help you out here. Those brackets are for your display case mounts. So if you’d like to put your Jeep in a giant glass case or mount it to a wall, Stellantis has thoughtfully provided the pre installed brackets. It’s plug and play. The Dutch think of everything.
  3. AEV 2.5 DualSport RT lift 2021 Rubicon JLUXR

    i asked AEV why not offer track bar. Response was “Not technically necessary“ but most folks put adjustable one on and recco’d yeti I think it also has to do with cost. Yeti is forged here in US and I learned from them that they forge most OEM track bars . The parent co forge decided to offer...
  4. AEV 2.5 DualSport RT lift 2021 Rubicon JLUXR

    I have AEV 2.5 in lift. Without front track bar it will be off center a few inches. I put yeti hd trackbar on front. Perfectly centered. Handles well.
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    The bird pics are awesome especially the second. BUT the snow is triggering PTSD bc I live in Chicago and we are still enjoying our 3 weeks of nice weather per year right now.
  6. Squadbox Install

    Interested in this - I have a Goose Gear plate system. Do you think this is compatible with that?
  7. Regear second thoughts

    Dumb question. i Want to regear to 4.46 From 4.10. Have heavy 35s. Do I need regear both front and rear or just rear?
  8. Firewall wiring: driver vs. passenger side?

    Couldn’t you route under passenger cowl, temporarily drop windshield (have friend hold it so you don’t have to pull wipers off) run wire into passenger side under trim then down to floor trim and then back? this is how sPod reccos running into jeep. They have an install video I think. Couldn’t...
  9. Propane conversion?

    Propane would be hard because you’d have to weigh it all the time to how much you had left unless you had one of propane scales with you at all times. Plus I’m not a fan of white and most tanks are white. And my Home Depot that sells propane always seems to be out - those stupid people using...
  10. 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

    My friend‘s cousin‘s sister said she heard from a guy who sells aftermarket cigarettes behind the Walmart that Jeep is going make the 4 door 5 inches longer in the back, put in 12 inch screens in the dash, make CAI standard and finally put in the catch can that EVERYONE has been waiting for.
  11. Obsessed with red... 100s of red accessories, red parts, red upgrades, red mods & more!

    If you’ve bought direct from them before just fill out the form with past order number and email and purchase date. It’s a limited run reserved for past customers. Got mine within a week of ordering. matches the rubicon interior red perfectly.
  12. Anyone know what this is? Found in between the battery and fuse box.

    that’s Steve Jobs. He’s reincarnated as a McCluckens Valve cover. You should show him the latest iPhone. I’ll bet he’ll be mad it hasn’t changed much
  13. North Carolina Steel bumper close out panels

    Makes sense. Please sell your Jeep immediately. You have bought a copy of a vehicle originally designed by Americans but copied and manufactured by a non-American company. If you want the closest proximity of the original designer please migrate to a Ford and join their forum. In 1893...
  14. North Carolina Steel bumper close out panels

    just installed mine from @commandojk13 . Perfect fit. Fast ship. Great communication. Made in USA. All American. Support small business!!! Pleasure doing business with him. No need to WAY over pay for the other brand and sanctimoniously whine about it to everyone.
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Did custom cut out in Hothead Headliners for Front Runner Rack mount clearance. Pretty straight forward.
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I wave to everyone and I smile like I know that you know where I buried the bodies of the aliens I captured with my invisible lasso made of the golden strands of hair from the maidens of Zork. It’s a very distinctive smile that for some reason people look away instead of waving back. Oh well.
  17. I found the sneaky bastard!!

    The tracking device itself doesn’t know but the entity collecting the data does and only 18+ data is for sale/usage to oversimplify it. the device in the location based data is your own phone.
  18. Court: Jeep can be sued for not making auto-braking standard

    Makes no sense right? Look up sawstop table saw. Inventor tried selling his tech to all the mfrs. everyone agreed it was amazing. Lawyers from the big mfrs got together and blocked the sale because if the tech was live in the wild with just one mfr they all could be sued any time someone cut...
  19. I found the sneaky bastard!!

    And so are lots of Amazon Kindles.