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  1. Unofficial Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Metalcloak 3.5 game changer.
  2. Crystal Rubi build…

    This is what I used as a heat shield under the Jeep when I changed the exhaust. It is adhesive backed in case your wrap doesn’t work out. It’s been on for over a year and holding up really well.
  3. Icon VS. Hutchinson

    Love my Hutchinsons. Easy to mount and very stout. Installed the black ones on my friends Jeep as well.
  4. Bumpers - custom in CO area

    Hefty Fab Works, they are located in Colorado Springs. All hand made 100% in USA. Love my Bumpers. They are well built, fairly light and the front includes a built-in winch tray. The only caveat is you have to paint them yourself. I had mine poweder coated.
  5. Tire pressure for super rocky terrain

    I was just out a Death Valley for 5 days, two weeks ago. I found 15psi was the perfect amount, especially with the added weight of my gear. I had 4 other jeeps with me and a Dodge ram 1500 who all ran the same pressure without any issues. We went through some very rocky terrain.
  6. Exact Center is a steering stabilizer new for Jeeps

    I recently took a trip to Death Valley in my 2021 JLU Ruby which is running 35" tires and a 3.5" Metalcloak lift, so a very similar set up as you. I have driven through the desert on other trips with 40 plus wind speeds and my jeep was all over the place. On this trip we hit some similar winds...
  7. 850RE Transmission heat exchanger delete

    Glad you got it worked out.
  8. 850RE Transmission heat exchanger delete

    Will be interesting to see what JE Reel says. I was just trying to mitigate my rear drive shaft from hitting my Artec fuel tank skid plate. I recently replaced the factory rear one with a Metalcloak one because it’s thinner. It still hit. I spoke to Artec who told me Jeep changed the fuel tank...
  9. 850RE Transmission heat exchanger delete

    Yours are definitely larger than mine, but not that much larger. I wonder if you received a JK drive shaft instead of a JL one. Have you confirmed the part numbers?
  10. 850RE Transmission heat exchanger delete

    I have not personally compared the two sizes side by side as I run a Metalcloak front and rear which use the 1310 U-joints. I know the one ton axles typically run 1350 U-joints which I believe are more stout. My Jeep is a 2.0 but they are similar underneath. My CV joint measures 12.5” around.
  11. 850RE Transmission heat exchanger delete

    Is that a 1350 joint or a 1310? If it’s the latter maybe going to the smaller 1310 would be a better option.
  12. Front & Rear Bumper General Opinions

    I had a local shop E-coat the bumpers and then powder coat them semi-gloss black. The paint has held up really well despite hitting a few rocks. I chose not to mount a front license plate as here in Cali, PD is so busy with other issues they don't bother enforcing the front plate laws. I do know...
  13. Exact Center Stabilizer

    I just returned from a 1000 mile trip to Death Valley and wanted to share my opinion of the Exact Center. I want to start by making it clear that I am in no way affiliated with them and that I purchased the 140lbs unit myself. I installed the Exact Center prior to the trip to get a fair test of...
  14. Fender/body seals?

    I have used both the hollow core and solid core. I like the solid much better. I found the hollow core will eventually collapses and falls inward. I didn’t use any glue. On rare occasions I will find the material coming out usually in the front. I just push it back in and it’s good too go again.
  15. Exact Center is a steering stabilizer new for Jeeps

    I followed this thread for quite a while before purchasing an Exact Center. I decided to go with the 140lb unit after talking with Tony based on my current set up. My Jeep runs a Metal Cloak 3.5 “ game changer suspension with 6-pak shocks and geometry correction brackets. I am also running...
  16. A Short Trip Through Death Valley - Lippincott Pass to Steel Pass

    Looks like a great trip. I am heading out there myself with a group of friends next week. I am planning on hitting the same areas as well as a few more. I will have 5 days to spend there.I am installing the Exact Center stabilizer before the trip. It should be a great place to test it out. I...
  17. Autostart eliminator or Smart startstop

    I have been running the Autostop eliminator for over a year. I put it on immediately after purchasing my Ruby because I did not like the motor constantly shutting down and I wouldn’t remember to hit the button until it shut off. My motor is the 2.0 and not the diesel but it has worked...
  18. Locker Position Sensor Potting - DANA 44

    It looks like you can purchase the sensor now. BAM parts shows it as #71 in the diagram and refers to it as the sensor. Picture on diagram matches the sensor part. It's about time.