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  1. Xtreme Recon Components PNs

    Does anyone know if/when the PNs would become available for the components in the Xtreme Recon package? Are they likely to limit these to XR VINs? I’d like to add the 1.5” lift vs the rest of the lifts on the market as this seems the perfect amount of lift for 35s on a JLUR.
  2. Jeep engine just cut out

    I was driving around today, (stop start disabled for info). And as I pulled up to a junction, next thing I know the engine is off and its bonging at me to put it into park before restarting the engine. I'd say I'd stalled it, but its an auto! Can't seem to find anything similar. Any ideas what...
  3. What resolution would you want?

    I bought my JL Rubicon back in February from a dealer 4 hours away. When doing the deal over the phone, I said I want an upgrade to LED lighting. He came back and told me that an LED lighting upgrade for the headlights and foglights would be a $1500 (CAD) job, but they'd split that with me. I...
  4. Mopar Led kit - Canada

    Everywhere I see the MOPAR LED headlight kit for sale, all say not available in Canada. Does anyone know why this might be? Haven't tried my dealer yet but going to ask today.
  5. MY2020 Rubicon V6... with e/torque??

    I'm starting to question myself/info that's out there... The dealer I am discussing with is adamant you can get a 2020 Rubicon V6 with e-torque. He has been sending my build sheets clearly showing 2020 Rubicons specced with e-torque? Has something changed or is he going off duff...