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  1. 392 Drive shaft

    I’m having a set of 392 axles put on my JLSport and I’m not sure if the drive shafts from my sport will work on them, anyone know? Thanks
  2. ARB Twin Help

    I’m looking at purchasing a lightly used ARB Twin from someone but it’s pretty much only the compressor. Since I’ve never hooked one up I’m not exactly sure what all I’ll need for parts to get it to run. Most of what I can find online only of the “Wiring Loom” Attached is a picture of the parts...
  3. Nevada Toyo AT III 34" 285/75/17 x 5 $1000 OBO

    Toyo ATIII 285/75/R17 C Rated only 59lbs each, with about 5000 miles on them. Spare rotated in. No punctures, no chips. Mostly Highway Miles and a handful of light off-roading trips on them. These start with 16.5 32nds tread depth and these all measure from 15.5-16 32nds. Moving to 37’s later...
  4. Nevada Alphaequipt Echo Wheel 17”

    Was used for my spare tire. Never been driven on. Little dusty but other than that it’s perfect. Very cool dual valve stem wheel, supposed to have a bead grip similar to the Method 700 series wheel. These are 17x8.5 +00 Offset 4.763 backspacing Looking for $125, new I paid $280
  5. Nevada Sold: WTB Rubicon D44 Take offs

    Looking for a set of Rubicon D44 Axle for the JL. Thanks.
  6. What would you do?

    I am looking for advice. I have a JLUSport that I've already done a bunch of stuff to and I have wanted to upgrade my axles and move to 37's for awhile. If you have a budget of about $9000 what would you buy? I have been looking for a set of takeoffs for months and haven't found anything. I have...
  7. Switch bank for E-Lockers

    Does anyone have any experience with either of these switch banks? Looking to pick one up for the Axle Swap on my Jlsport Any other recommendations are welcome :)
  8. Hypothecially

    Hey all I have a question maybe you guys can help me out. I have My 2020 JLU Sport and I have a Clayton Off-Road 2.5 overland kit with fox 2.0's on Toyo 285x75x17's. I will be upgrading the axles to Rubicon hopefully soonish. My current wheel and tire combo puts me at about 85 almost 86lbs per...
  9. 392 Axle on a Sport?

    Might have an opportunity to snag a basically new set of 392 stock axles but I’m curious if they will work because the 392 has that select track Transfer Case. Anyone able to weigh in? Thanks
  10. Sway link help

    I was just looking over some of the work the shop had completed last week on my Jeep, they installed the Clayton Off-road 2.5” lift kit. I’m just going through and checking to see if anything has gotten loose, it’s only been 100-150 or so miles since I got it back. I noticed the driver side sway...
  11. Looking for some advice!

    So I just got my Jeep back Monday from the shop, they put on my Clayton Off-road 2.5” Overland lift kit with Fox 2.0’s. Yesterday was the first time since I got my Jeep in January that I’ve gotten it out and hit the trails. I tell you what!!! I’m hooked!! I’ve never had a vehicle I could do this...
  12. Nevada Clayton 2.5” JLU Overland Kit

    God this one pains me. I had huge plans for my Jeep but they will have to be put on the back burner. Some things came up so I’m forced to let go of this brand new unopened Clayton Off-road 2.5” Overland Kit for the JLU. This is not the 392 or the diesel version. The price is firm and I will...
  13. New Steel Steering Box TSB 08-074-20 - amazing results

    Just had this installed on my 2020 JLU Sport. Damn what a difference! I didn't even realize how bad the slop in the steering was until it was gone! Perfect timing since I will be getting my Clayton 2.5 Overland kit and my Exact Center SS installed later this month!
  14. Eaton E-Locker Dana 30 & 35

    I can’t find any info on anyone running these on the d30 and d35. I have a 2020 JLU Sport and would to add lockers but don’t want to do full axle swaps and don’t want to the lunch box thing. Anyone running these? Anyone have any experience or advice? Thanks!
  15. So it begins!!

    First delivery of many! I almost feel bad for the UPS guy 🤣
  16. Recommendations for Fender Liners that work with Reservoir Shocks

    I will be installing a new Clayton 2.5" lift soon and I went with Fox 2.0 Reservoir shocks for both the front and back. I was originally looking at getting Rugged Ridge Fender liners but now that I went with shocks with the reservoir I am not sure they will work. Looking for recommendations. So...
  17. Nevada 2021 Jeep Wrangler Diesel Rubicon Takeoffs $100 for everything

    I picked up this bunch of parts just the other day, I overpaid and I only wanted the springs and shocks for my 2020 UL Sport. I think I am just going to try to get some money back and sell it all. Comes with everything you see here including the front and rear springs and front shocks. Looking...
  18. Anyone running 285x75x17 on a 2.5" lift?

    Looking to see if anyone is running 285x75x17 tires with a 2.5" lift. I just put on a set of Toyo AT3's on my 2020 Wrangler UL sport 2.0 and I really like them a lot. I am about to pull the trigger on a Clayton lift kit and I am wavering between their 1.5" Overland Kit and the 2.5" Kit. Thanks!
  19. Rubicon Take Off

    Hi, A 2021 Rubicon Unlimited Take off has come up on my radar and before I contact the guy I want to know if I will be able to put it on my 2020 UL Sport? Anything I should be asking about? Thanks!
  20. Hi from Red Leader in Reno!

    Hey all! This is my first Jeep since my old 98 2wd Cherokee from back in the day. I recently got a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport 2.0 in Firecracker Red. I am calling it Red Leader from Star Wars. (Big Nerd here) This is the first vehicle I have ever bought that I really wanted, so I am...