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  1. Any random dirtbag damage your Jeep lately?

    Might just want to leave it alone. Almost every time I have tried to fix a scratch the result made it more obvious. I've only gotten lucky once after some douchebag keyed my truck from headlight to taillight and it was a black vehicle, go figure.
  2. Anyone have Putco in channel window visors?

    Thanks for the replies. Good looking Jeeps!
  3. Anyone have Putco in channel window visors?

    Thank you. That is very helpful.
  4. Would you walk away from your order, or wait?

    Sheiite, that's not bad at all. It was about 4 months for our order placed in February. Yeah, that time frame may not have reared it's ugly head yet. Some people need everything right now. I have always been able to wait in exchange for a good deal. Probably helped that I grew up on an island...
  5. Would you walk away from your order, or wait?

    I'd rather take the bus than pay MSRP. During normal times ordering a vehicle was actually a pretty rewarding process. 6 weeks from order to delivery and you get exactly what you want. Back in the day...
  6. New 4Runner Half-Door Kit

    Pretty sweet. Check out those cup holders!
  7. Top-5 Accessories / Modifications (minor)

    Not top 5 but what we have done so far in a month of ownership: Rydonair Stubby Antenna WeatherTech Mats Redline Hood Struts Mopar Cargo Net (NOS Cherokee Part but works) Ohio Diesel Seat Recline Kit Full Length Sunshade (Separate shades sat too low to our heads) Center Console Organizer Rear...
  8. Top accessories when top down and doors off

    Gotcha. Definitely not bullet proof but I was glad to see something there at least.
  9. Jeep Mods Special for your Dog

    Haven't had the dog in the Jeep yet. Spent an hour cleaning out the back of my Ram after a 2 hour road trip and that was with leather seats and a seat cover. With how hot it is here and his slobber, I think I would have had to use a steam cleaning vacuum. Yuck. Even with the a/c going it takes...
  10. Use PROPER recovery points

    I bought a T hook and chain fitting for helping others after seeing a guy tow my first car by it's subframe safely but helping out a stranger and causing damage or injury is a good reason to let the pros handle these situations.
  11. DIY Oil Change and Dealer Records

    7500 is near the beginning of the advantage of using synthetic but I have changed for a number of years at 8500. I rarely drive more than that in a year but just can't do 10k mile oil changes even after being an Amsoil "salesman" for a number of years. I use Pennzoil Ultra Platinum because my...
  12. DIY Oil Change and Dealer Records

    I believe it is yearly or 10k miles, whichever comes first. That is one of the reasons we did not get a Scat Pack, that stupid oil change interval. Ours would have sat a lot of the year. This was when gas was cheap too. I keep a spreadsheet as well as digital and hard copies of my oil and...
  13. Should I Regear?

    Yes, extended factory warranty sold and serviced by Jeep dealers. I am not disagreeing with you but if you have a dealership perform certain mods that are Mopar parts the warranty would remain unless it's an extreme change. I hope I never have to use my $2400 warranty but if the transmission...
  14. Should I Regear?

    How is it not a factory warranty? It's a product sold by Chrysler or whatever the hell they are called nowadays. I have the MaxCare lifetime warranty on my Ram and it covers almost everything as long as not damaged by modifications, even shocks. A guy on the Moparts forum recently got his engine...
  15. Should I Regear?

    They have to prove the modifications caused a failure but with something as big as a gear ratio change I would think that is easy to prove if you have major engine or transmission problems down the line. The only way you might be able to keep the full warranty is to have a Jeep dealership...
  16. Two forum members take on the Rubicon Trail - with wives and kids!

    Yeah, and put down foam mattresses on all the rocks they crawled over. Those poor rocks!