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  1. Tire Pressure: Who's Right?

    I think consistency is more important than accuracy, pick one and stick with it.
  2. ARB Compressor Wiring - Help Needed Please

    If I remember correctly you need to wire the purple from the compressor to the switch and the black to a ground from plug 2 and the plug 1 gets ran to the battery.
  3. What's New for 2023: Jeep® Wrangler (Summary)

    I don't know about adding a sticker will be possible on older models. It might void your warranty.
  4. Artec OEM Fender Hardware Question

    So what is the advantage of this other than not breaking the stock clips?
  5. Motorola-MA1-Wireless-Android-Adapter

    I got mine on February 20th and as of yesterday it will not stay connected to the phones Bluetooth. It will connect and disconnect over and over, hopefully there is a fix for this.
  6. Bike Rack Clearance

    I would highly recommend getting this one for a hitch extension to use with bike racks. I have had one since 2016 and I would never go back to a normal floppy one. Advantage Adjustable 11-Inch Hitch Extension...
  7. Stylish grills that aren't ANGRY. Do they exist?

    I hope mine is aimed correctly like yours. I don't want to have to pull my bumper and winch to aim the light.
  8. Stylish grills that aren't ANGRY. Do they exist?

    how much of a pain was it to aim the light bar?
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Did the stock cable to the camera reach or did you replace it?
  10. Stylish grills that aren't ANGRY. Do they exist?

    If you are going to do rattle cans get one if those plastic trigger things. Also this grill is metal so you don't have to worry about plastic additives in the paint.
  11. JL Halogen to Led plug and play foglight harness

    Mine came with the adapters for the factory harness.
  12. Battery warranty...

    Both of mine were replaced with the 3yr/36k warranty
  13. California Versatable for pick up in San Diego

    Are you willing to ship?
  14. MOPAR Sunrider Top not fitting on 2019 JLU?

    Why not just buy the Bestop version? It comes with a lifetime warranty if you get the twill one.
  15. Arizona Teraflex Front Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Kit

    They both work the same, no issues with either but it's so much quicker with the Apex ones.
  16. Arizona Teraflex Front Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Kit

    I had them on a sport s with Rubicon springs and shocks.