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  1. Clutch Fire (1 Day After Recall) Burns 2018 JLU to the Ground

    You’re absolutely correct, and they should be responsible for replacing the clutch. Though that’s neither here nor there on a bbqed car. If I hit a massive pothole that gave me a flat tire, the city would be responsible, sure. They can easily compensate for a blown tire. But if I keep driving...
  2. Clutch Fire (1 Day After Recall) Burns 2018 JLU to the Ground

    I think the dealer broke something on the Jeep. They likely introduced clutch slip where it previously did not exist. I don’t think she’s bad at driving manual, it’s just muscle memory. The problem is understanding the mechanical systems enough to stop use before catastrophic failure.
  3. Clutch Fire (1 Day After Recall) Burns 2018 JLU to the Ground

    I don't think you are capable of understanding the problem, but I'll try for posterity. First, you probably mean flywheel. So follow the causal chain, and ask yourself, what would get a flywheel to explode? Heat? Okay, how does one generate that kind of heat in the transmission? Friction...
  4. Clutch Fire (1 Day After Recall) Burns 2018 JLU to the Ground

    Quite frankly, for a clutch to generate that kind of heat, there would have to be a large, sustained discrepancy between rpms and speed, i.e. slippage. You can blame the dealer for faulty clutch, or slave , or whatever it was, but the Jeep burning to the ground is squarely on the shoulders of...
  5. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Finally got mine!
  6. GOBI JL Wrangler Club

    Managed to chew up the rear fenders on a fire road messing around with the transfer case. The other build I was pondering was a rubicon 2 door same spec but with painted fenders. Boy would I have been pissed. These tires throw rocks like nobodies business.
  7. GOBI JL Wrangler Club

    Made it to Kansas City for some bbq
  8. So how many here have ordered a 2023?

    I got gobi with a tan top, and it was cheaper. And its already built and waiting for me to pick up tomorrow. :p
  9. Updated-- How fast can you break a Willys XR?--Assistance requested

    Yeah hopefully it’s something simple. One of the reasons I went with that old yeller pentastar.
  10. So how many here have ordered a 2023?

    I think they’ve moved from pre-rendered graphics to a polygon model. The polygon model looks crappier, but since it’s 3d, moving the camera non discretely becomes trivial. They probably haven’t added the functionality where you can spin it around, zoom in and out, but I think it’ll eventually...
  11. GOBI JL Wrangler Club

    Can you guys spot it? It stands out in the sea of gray. In Iowa, going to Granger first thing tomorrow morning. Maybe you guys can give me some suggestions as far as things to see in Utah and Colorado on the way back.
  12. I REALLY appreciate a 2-door specific forum!

    There’s nothing misogynistic about what he said.
  13. Women jeepers viewed as lesser?

    I can generally tell who is a gen xer guy, by how categorical they feel women are superior to them. I wish I encountered these unicorn women as frequently as you guys.
  14. Women jeepers viewed as lesser?

    I'm generally less friendly with women than I'd like to be mostly because I don't want them to misinterpret it as me being flirtatious or trying to get in their pants, etc etc. Also, when I see women in hobbies or interests that heavily skew male, I generally assume that her presence in the...
  15. GOBI JL Wrangler Club

    Wow, that’s pretty rare. Haven’t seen numbers like that since the z3 m coupe.
  16. GOBI JL Wrangler Club

    Im in San Diego, Jeep is in Iowa. Taking a one way flight and bringing it back through Colorado and moab next week.
  17. What's New for 2023: Jeep® Wrangler (Summary)

    It would be pretty dangerous for them to add a bunch of new stuff given the supplier issues manufacturers have been facing. Likely won't see a mid cycle refresh until the supply issues are sorted.
  18. Earl and Reign Colors Now Available to Order. First Official Photos!

    Kinda gross. Looks like a 50s lawn chair color.

    If you’re primary purpose for the lift is to look cool and traverse the various grades of McDonald’s drive through, why not just do the spacer lift?? i say this because a spacer is far more precise a lift than springs. You know exactly how much lift you’re getting, so if you want to straddle the...
  20. Cooling problems with 3.6

    If the radiator fans are blasting but the engine is still overheating, it may very well be the thermostat. If the radiator is cold to the touch or air that the rad fan is displacing seems uncharacteristically cold, the thermostat isn’t allowing coolant to cycle through the radiator properly.