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  1. Tire Size Programmer for 2.0

    Is one available out there for the 2.0 yet?
  2. 2.0L 4-Cyl Twin Turbo

    Made you click! Anyone tried this or is there a kit out there? Can the 2.0L handle it? Could you get 400 HP?
  3. 2 Door JL Sport ONLY - Let's see them!

    Let's see them.... Thinking of going this route. My 2000 TJ in Silver was my favorite jeep of all of them. I think I need to go back in that direction.... I've been without a wrangler for two years now.....
  4. $295 SiriusXM Year Subscription Option

    Does this option include the antenna and a 1 year subscription or just a 1 year subscription? What I want to know is, if I don't get this option with the Jeep will it come with a SiriusXM antenna and can I get a subscription later?
  5. Bestop Trektop NX Release

    When? I want hard top only and above....
  6. Does the JL soft top only come with hard top wiring?

    Does the JL soft top only come with the hard top wiper wiring, switches and glass wash? I assume not, but wanted a soft top only owner to confirm. I know the JK soft top only didn't come with this. I only want a soft top but would like the wiring/wash just in case. I wish this was an option...