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  1. My new scissor jack setup

    I thought about doing that too, but unfortunately, I don't have the tools available. For now, I'd rather find a product that just fits instead of modifying something. I just ordered this adaptor because it is much narrower than AO's, but we'll see what happens when it arrives...
  2. My new scissor jack setup

    That seems to make sense. Hmmm...sounds like I need an axle upgrade so my new jack will work! ;)
  3. My new scissor jack setup

    Yep...unfortunately, the pad that connects to the bottom of the shock absorber is too far outboard along the axle and does not allow enough room for the adaptor to fully seat: Same issue on the passenger side, so it's not like this is a one-off anomaly. Luckily there's enough bare axle...
  4. My new scissor jack setup

    So....I just bought the same HMMWV jack and AO adapter, but there is no room on the driver's end of the front axle for the adaptor because it is too wide. As a result, I can't use it to lift the front driver's side wheel. I assume you've noticed this as well, so how are you lifting that corner...
  5. Anyone have this happen to their scissor jack?

    So.....based on the discussion in this thread, I purchased an unissued HMMWV jack and AO adaptor. Unfortunately, there is no room on the driver's end of the front axle for the adaptor to fit, so there's no way to use the jack for the front driver's side wheel. There is enough room along both...
  6. OK, show of hands... Who else also just happens to own the best looking Jeep in their neighborhood?

    Thank goodness! Apparently, Rubis and 392s are much tastier, so you were lucky to get away.
  7. OK, show of hands... Who else also just happens to own the best looking Jeep in their neighborhood?

    All the other vehicles in my neighborhood were eaten, so my lowly Sport gets the title by default.
  8. A Murder Jeep!!

  9. To Rokblokz or to not Rokblokz Poll

    Rims/tires are stock Willys takeoffs I just got last week from a local seller. Tires are BFG KM2's LT255/75R17. Although I like this config and got a good deal, the KM2's are pretty loud, and I think my next set of tires will be KO2's or KM3's.
  10. To Rokblokz or to not Rokblokz Poll

    Like many, I've never been a fan of mud flaps on Jeeps, but I had to do this out of necessity, to prevent gravel and rocks from hitting my doors/hinges and wedging themselves between the fender flares and body. Not only are they effective, but they install easily and are just as simple to...
  11. Half door fans... a word.

    Interestingly, I have seen several 2 door sets come up for sale in this forum and elsewhere, but they typically get snatched up quickly. Problem with selling rears only, is that 2-door owners can't use them and 4 door owners want a full set. Would only buy a set of four if I could get them at...
  12. Half door fans... a word.

    Many purists prefer half doors because they are reminiscent of the way Jeeps used to be configured before (and even after) A/C was first offered. It is a much more classic style that is rarely seen in other vehicles and looks "right" to many of us who grew up driving much earlier models. As...
  13. Plasti-Dip Trail Rated Badge?

    Thanks...I've been watching videos of others applying Plasti Dip to installed badges on Youtube and agree that it looks pretty easy. Appreciate the recommendation for Threedom's replacement badges too, but I actually like the existing badge. Just looks a little out of place because it doesn't...
  14. Plasti-Dip Trail Rated Badge?

    That was my thought as well....thanks. Just wondering how well you can really Plasti Dip the badge when it's installed.
  15. Plasti-Dip Trail Rated Badge?

    Not sure why the designers made the Trail Rated badge silver, when all the other emblems and decals on my JL are black. Surprisingly, it doesn't really bother me or trigger an OCD attack, but I have some Plasti Dip left over from another project and thought it might be fun to change the badge...
  16. Nevada 36" Hi-Lift Jack + Accessories

    Only had to use this jack once for my 1980 CJ-5. Otherwise, it's been sitting in my garage for the last ten years. Excellent like-new condition, functions perfectly. Comes with rubber handle isolator, off-road base, neoprene cover for jacking mechanism, and large vinyl drawstring cover for...
  17. Anyone have this happen to their scissor jack?

    One odd thing to note, is the listing for the HMMWV jack indicates a 3500-lb capacity, which is less than every JL model. Even a 2-door Sport is 3797 lbs. HMMWVs can weigh well beyond 5000 lbs, depending on how they are configured, so just curious if that jack is the real deal.
  18. Desert Storm (Military) Themed JLUR

    While most folks on the road wouldn't have any clue about the whole chevron thing, I still dig it; great suggestion. And while we're on the subject of friendly fire, why not incorporate a VS-17 panel that could also serve as a bikini top? Other accessories could include a massive SINCGARS...
  19. Anyone have this happen to their scissor jack?

    For those who use the HMMWV jack, could you please advise on the dimensions of the rectangular base? Just curious if it might fit in my old plastic Hi-Lift base. Much appreciated.
  20. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Thanks Brad...the new config is just right for my taste and use case, and I really appreciate your assistance in helping me make a decision. The only difference I can feel, is the performance of the new MT's vs. the stock AT's. Of course, both have their pros and cons, and the noise and feel...