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  1. Powered accessories

    I have 4 aux switched and so far only used one for my OBA. What do you guys run??? I am no light bar fan and I cannot really think of other things that need switches. Thought about an air horn but that would get me in trouble 😈😈
  2. TPMS alteration

    Do you have to get the tazer to change the TPMS parameters or can you have a dealer do it?? The setting in my JLURXR is set stupid high. It needs to be aired up to 38psi to turn off the warning light but the proper psi as per chalk test is 33-35. Just seems added hassle to over inflate then...
  3. Hard top hardware

    Can anyone tell me the info on the bolts for the hardtop??? I have a soft top but I am looking to use tge existing mounting holes for a project... just need the bolt particulars to get the right ones
  4. What do you do with your doors when you take them off?

    Just like the title says, what do you do for door storage?? With my old TJ I had a hanger that I sold with my TJ but it's only good for 2 doors. I have a 4 door now and wonders if you guys had a solid affordable storage hanger/rack to keep the door from simply laying on the floor of the garage.
  5. Arb twin compressor underseat mount.

    I have the ARB twin underseat mount. My question for thoes who have done it is how exactly you wired it. I have looked everywhere and looked at all the videos I can find and none of them actually show how to get the wires from under the seat to the battery. Please help me with some pictures as...
  6. Lift question/opinion with pic request

    I plan on doing a metalcloak 2.5in game changer to my new 22 JLURXR. My question is how much taller will I get over my stock Xtreme Recon?? I am not so much doing the lift for more height as I am for just a vastly superior suspension performance wise. Also I have 35s stock will the 2.5in GC...
  7. How long "in transit"???

    I'm curious what the average time "in teansit" you guys have seen. My JLURXR was released from the factory may 31st. The dealer has the huge window of June 6th to the 20th for delivery. Due to my job the 16th will be when I am at the dealer... Have you seen deliveries past the end of the window?
  8. Different JL Rubicon Xtreme Recon question, i think

    I am about to jump back into the jeep world again and have a deposit on a JKL Rubicon with xtreme recon package. Now I used to have a TJ on 35s and it was quite a step to hop into it. Can anyone tell me exactly how high you have to lift your leg to get into the jeep with the xtreme recon...