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  1. XR vs 4xe Parts - Crossover?

    Gang, I'm not sure if the answer is out there, as I couldn't find it. But, do we know how many of the XR parts are already on the 4xe Rubicon? I know the 4xe has the bigger front and rear brakes and the stiffer springs (higher factory height by about an inch) and different shocks (not sure of...
  2. Florida AEV Procal Snap JL $125

    Gang, I have an unopened AEV Procal Snap that came with my AEV spacer kit. Asking $125. Will correct speedo and shift points after larger tire upgrade or axle gear or transfer case gear swaps.
  3. XR Rear Camera

    Hey all, I just wore out the search button trying to find an answer. Is the rear camera on the XR different than a non XR? It looks like the housing is longer to get past the wider tire? Is there a different part number for the housing? I'm not referring to the little box with the torx...
  4. Florida Mopar OEM 4dr Premium Tinted Sunrider Soft Top - $800

    Gang, I purchased a 2019 JLUR that came with the factory dual top group. I have this soft top in my garage that looks brand new. I see very few light scratches on the plastic windows. It's really nice, but I'll never use it. It's just taking up space in my garage. $800 obo. Come and get...