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  1. Rubi Recon

    I dig it.
  2. ALUMINUM bumpers ONLY. Let's see them!

    Next Venture Motorsport Feather Weight front bumper (42 lbs including winch plate). Little bit of grinding needed on the winch plate to get it to fit. Warn Zeon 10s fits like a glove.
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Got the Next Venture Motorsport bumper and Warn Zeon 10s fitted up. Now tearing it all apart for powder coat next week.
  4. Balljoint delete kit - Too good to be true?

    Are these to be greased or is it a fully sealed unit?
  5. AEV 2.5 DualSport RT lift 2021 Rubicon JLUXR

    OP, I one thing to consider on this. The XR will NOT accommodate the AEV rear track bar brackets that come with the lift kit. I have the AEV 2.5 lift and will be installing an adjustable rear track bar (and front while I'm at it) as passenger rear coil is very very close to the frame and...
  6. Ratbert's AEV JL370 JLURD Build Thread

    Once they come back in stock it's on the list!
  7. TeraFlex - New JL / JLU Products!

    Agree. Loom can stand to be longer.
  8. Metalcloak Customer Service is Awesome!

    100% agree. MC customer service is top notch. Same as above..called to confirm my order, email updates throughout. And MC prices are not insulting.
  9. Monache Meadows 7/29-7/31

    I've been and you love it. It's not a hard core trail, but it can get very crowded on a weekend. Used to not be such.
  10. Chocolate Thunder’s Most Excellent Build Thread!

    What in the shit happened to your hood blanket? Was the fuse block on fire at some point? lol
  11. Ratbert's AEV JL370 JLURD Build Thread

    Did you decide on track bar yet?
  12. Any color... What would you pick?

    Give me GATOR on the wrangler.

    AEV 2.5 Dual Sport RT with 37s (very small 37-KM3s) does just fine. Simple kit does fine for my needs on moderate trails and drives great on road. I drive 600 miles on road to get to uncrowded areas and remote locations. So that played into my buying process as well. Wanted it drive great on...