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  1. Well, we blew up our JL

    video is on YouTube Well we had a good run with the turbo.... sort of. Now what should we do? Go back to stock and reliable? Go LS3 or maybe an SRT 6.4L hemi?
  2. And another prodigy turbo kit installed

    Was fairly easy install. Great instructions and very nicely made.
  3. Prodigy Turbo kit installed

    Finally have BOOOOST
  4. Smoking issue fixed!!

    Cheap and easy mod that takes 10min to install with all factory plug n play lines.
  5. Let’s get LIT for the holidays

    Let’s get LIT for the holidays
  6. JL death wobble and wandering fixed

    Death wobble fixed
  7. Drifting the new JL using Tazer JL

    Did you know a JL can drift? Thanks to the Z Automotive Technologies and the tazer JL. More control over the vehicle than anything on the market!!
  8. RCV Axle install

  9. Bestop sunrider install video

    Have you purchased your Bestop sunrider yet? Last week for $200 off. Here how easy it is to install. Don’t forget the “LiteBrite” promo code!!
  10. Want more ground clearance?

    More clearance on the JL WRANGLER achieved